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Expert shares ten things men want women to do more in the bedroom

Expert shares ten things men want women to do more in the bedroom

Love gurus have outlined 10 top tips for women to keep their man on their toes

When it comes to bedroom antics, some are of the notion that honesty is the best policy when it comes to both giving and receiving satisfaction from your partner.

Others, however, might find the topic of sex rather daunting to bring up in conversation.

Fear not readers, however, as whether you're bold in the bedroom or prefer whisperings of sweet nothing, we've got you covered with the top tips for guaranteed pleasure.

Experts at IllicitEncounters have this week surveyed 2,000 men to see what they’ve been wishing for from their partner in the bedroom.

And luckily for women across the country, it turns out that the most desired bedroom antics for men are really quite simple.

Sex and relationship expert at, Jessica Leoni, told press: "There are all kinds of tricks that we all wish our lovers would do to make sex better.

"The key to a healthy sex life is being completely up front with your partner and sharing the best tricks that work. What the results show is that men most crave a break in routine and getting out of a sex rut."

Love experts have some top tips for women.
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But the love experts have been slightly more specific about what exactly women can do to keep their partner on their toes when it comes to the birds and the bees, and have compiled a list of 10 top tips.

Landing in the 10th spot is 'making love outside the bedroom', with a huge proportion of men claiming they'd love their partner to suggest a romp in the shower or on the kitchen counter.

In 9th position is 'watch more erotica together' - a controversial debate. We'll leave that up to you guys to argue that one out...

Coming in at number 8 is the plea 'let me sleep afterwards'. Come on, guys, what's wrong with a little kiss and cuddle?

Men voted what is more desirable in the bedroom.
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In 7th position is the suggestion of 'new lingerie'. We'll buy an uncomfortable new balcony bra and some suspenders when you throw out those Calvin Kleins that are full of holes!

'Film the action' is request number 6 - again, a controversial call. Just make sure that everything being filmed in the bedroom is one hundred percent consensual on both sides.

Landing in 5th position is 'moral oral sex', a seemingly fair request.

In 4th is to 'talk dirty and explain what turns you on during love making'. We love that this one also considers the woman's needs.

Some of the tips were pretty simple.
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Coming in 3rd is 'make more noise' - we will when you give us a reason to!

'Mix it up and try new positions' is the runner-up top tip.

And coming in as UK men's apparent most desirable move in the bedroom, is 'take lead'.

Men - don't think you've gotten away with all your demands, however, as women also have some very specific requests.

Women also had their say.

"Women are bored by selfish lovers who don’t care if they orgasm, are clumsy with their hands and wear dirty old pants with holes in them!" Jessica told press.

Confirming the news, the top priority for ladies was the vote for men to 'be less selfish in bed', and in the 2nd place spot was the request to 'get to know my body better'.

In 3rd was 'wait for me to orgasm first', followed closely in 4th by the need for 'sensitive touch and no clumsy hands'.

Landing in 5th was the request for men 'not to get too drunk before sex', followed by the encouragement for 'more foreplay including oral sex' in 6th.

'No holes in his pants' lands in 7th - see, we did say!

In 8th is the request 'not to fall asleep straight after sex'. See, boys, two can play at that game...

'Talk to me more about my desires' lands in 9th, and the 10th spot goes to the request to 'make sex more sensual with good lighting and candles'.

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