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You can now flush your ex down the toilet this Valentine's Day

You can now flush your ex down the toilet this Valentine's Day

If you want to get rid of memories of your ex then there's a perfect way to do it

Valentine's Day is rolling our way once again and it's important to remember that for some people it's going to be pretty painful.

When you're in love with someone it's a great moment to show that special someone how much they mean to you, but if you're all on your lonesome, Valentine's Day can be a reminder that you're still yet to find the one.

Of course there's plenty of cool things you can do even if you're not with anybody, like spend the day with a bunch of your single friends who also have no plans and just enjoy each other's company.

Still, if you've recently become single you might want to be done with the entire day and get rid of all the painful memories you have of your ex, and there's something that can help you with that.

Toilet paper brand Who Gives A Crap have decided to tap into the 'anti-Valentine's Day' feeling going around and offer singletons the chance to flush everything associated with their ex down the toilet.

If you've ever wanted to turn your ex's stuff into toilet paper and flush it down the loo then you're in luck, and also have some very specific desires.
Jochen Tack / Alamy Stock Photo

It's pretty simple, Who Gives A Crap can turn all those love letters, cards and notes your ex sent you during your relationship into recycled toilet paper.

From then on, you can do what one normally does with toilet paper and flush it down the loo afterwards, hopefully wiping away the associated memories you had of your ex.

They say it's a win-win as it'll 'help eradicate any memory they ever happened out of existence' on your end while they get to be eco-friendly by 're-purposing something that would otherwise sit gathering dust in old cupboards & drawers'.

If you're eager to get on board with this you'll have to wait until 8 February, and from that point you'll be able to send in all those now-unwanted love letters to Who Gives A Crap, with more details about how exactly to do this cropping up on a website which will go live on the same day.

It seems as though turning your frustrations with your ex into something tangible is a pretty lucrative market on Valentine's Day, as there's all sorts of ways people can get over someone.

This Valentine's Day some people will be feeling sweet, and others more sour.
STANCA SANDA / Alamy Stock Photo

San Antonio Zoo in Texas is offering people the chance to name a cockroach after their ex and then feed the bug to an animal, hopefully providing some form of catharsis to the end of a bad relationship.

You might have said an insincere 'we can still be friends' at the breakup, but nothing says you've got over someone like going to a zoo and paying money to name a cockroach after them.

For a larger fee, you can instead have a rat named after your ex, and those short of funds can just get to name a humble little vegetable.

If you're feeling particularly vengeful, you can fork over $150 (£121) to make a video of the named animal or vegetable being fed to a zoo animal and have it sent to them.

If something more direct is what you're after then there's always paintballing where the targets have your ex's face, and a few years ago another zoo launched a prize draw for people to name a new snake after their ex.

Featured Image Credit: Anna Bizoń / incamerastock / Alamy Stock Photo

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