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You Can Go Paintballing And Use Your Ex's Face As A Target

You Can Go Paintballing And Use Your Ex's Face As A Target

Ten rounds our your ex's face? Sign us up.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Valentine's is a time to shower your loved ones with affection - and to pay honour to those unsavoury exes.

And while voodoo dolls and ritualistic burning of their things might work for some, we've found an ever better way to vent our frustration.

What better way to pay tribute to your ex on this special day than using their face as a paintballing target?

UK Paintball is offering you and your friends the chance to shoot some rounds at your exes face - well, just a photo of it.

If you're sick of seeing loved-up couples and are after an alternative way to celebrate V-Day, then round up your ladies and get ready for some firearm-based therapy.

Andrew Naylor, Head of Operations at, said: "Valentine's Day can be hard for those who are single or experiencing a break-up, and some break-ups can be devastating, so here is a chance for the person suffering and their group of friends to have a paint-based outlet for their frustrations and upset.

UK Paintball)

"Take those feelings out of the group chat and into the paint-balling break-up arena!"

First though, you'll need a cracking break-up story. UK Paintball wants to hear your most awkward, cringe or downright savage break-up tale in 500 words or less for you to be in with the chance of winning the paintballing session.

Five winners will win the sessions for them and a group of up to eight friends. You can enter here.

And if peppering your ex's face with paint just won't cut it, how about naming a rat after your past flame?

You'll need to submit your best breakup story to win (
UK Paintball)

Yep, seriously. San Antonio Zoo in Texas, US, is offering you the chance to buy a rat that reminds you of your ex.

Once you've selected to buy a 'love rat' online here for $25 (£19.22), you then get the chance to name it after your not-so-special someone after checkout.

You could also go one step further and head to the zoo on 14th February to watch it get feed to a reptile - errr, if that's your kind of thing.

Yes, you're officially spoilt for choice for ways to get back at your ex this Valentine's Day. You're welcome.

Featured Image Credit: UK Paintball

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