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A stay-at-home wife says her working husband doesn't have to 'lift a finger' when he gets home.

TikToker Estee Williams has racked up hundreds and thousands of views on social media for her 'traditional' approach to marriage.

Estee 25, and her hubby Conner, 23 - from Virginia, US - both believe that the husband should go to work and be the provider, while the wife stays at home to do the house-work.

Estee and Conner have extremely traditional values.
Caters Clips

"After meeting Conner in 2020, we realised we had the same views and values," said the stay-at-home-wife.

"I never thought I'd meet a guy like this.

"At the time, I was a student studying meteorology, but shortly after we met I left college and dropped all means of pursuing a career.

"I don't ever plan on having a career because I will stay home to look after our home, my husband and hopefully our future family."

So while electrician Conner is out, Estee stays home to clean the house and make sure his meals are cooked.

"My husband does not have to lift a finger when he is at home because if he's the breadwinner and he goes out, the provider, he works and he works long hours and he works a very physical labour job, he's an electrician," she explained.

"So he does not need to come home and clean up, he doesn't need to help me cook.

"But there are times when he just wants to help me every now and then, and that is very welcomed, but he absolutely does not have to.

"As a homemaker, I think it is important that the woman has the house clean, a hot meal on the table for her husband and her kids if she has any, and a really welcoming environment."

Estee doesn't believe her husband should have to lift a finger.
Caters Clips

Estee says that she spends around five hours per day in the kitchen, preparing meals from scratch, and up to two hours a day cleaning.

"I make Conner's lunch for him the night before he goes to work, lay out his clothes for him so everything is organised, and make sure the house is clean and smells good for when he gets home," she continued.

The TikToker believes that the best thing about following traditional roles is that there's no 'confusion or arguments' about whose turn it is to do something.

Commenting on one of her viral videos, one viewer said: "What's amusing is that none of this was 'untraditional' for hundreds of years."

"This beautiful lady is giving 100 percent to her marriage, and because of that, her husband gives 100% too and that’s what makes a strong marriage!" added another.

Someone else suggested that all 'will change when kids come into the picture'.

"Even a stay at home mom needs support, especially with difficult pregnancies and postpartum recovery," they said.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/esteecwilliams/YouTube/Estee Williams

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