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Woman who spends five hours per day in the kitchen says her job is to make husband's life easier

Woman who spends five hours per day in the kitchen says her job is to make husband's life easier

Estee gets trolled online a lot because of her beliefs.

A young woman who strongly believes in traditional gender roles has claimed she spends five hours per day in the kitchen

as her main job is to 'make her husband's life easier'.

Estee Williams, 25, often gets trolled online for the life values she and her husband Conner, 23, share, but she firmly stands by them.

The couple from Virginia, US, agree that the husband should go out to work to be the provider and the protector while the wife is the homemaker and doesn't need to financially add to the family.

Although Conner and Estee don't have any children, Estee says she doesn't believe in women trying to 'have it all'.

Before she met her husband, Estee had been studying, but eventually dropped out to focus on his needs.

"After meeting Conner in 2020, we realised we had the same views and values," she said. "I never thought I'd meet a guy like this.

"At the time, I was a student studying meteorology, but shortly after we met I left college and dropped all means of pursuing a career.

"I don't ever plan on having a career because I will stay home to look after our home, my husband and hopefully our future family."

So while Conner, who works full time as an electrician, is out, Estee stays home to clean the house and make sure his meals are cooked.

Estee doesn't believe her husband should have to lift a finger.
Caters Clips

Estee says that she spends around five hours per day in the kitchen preparing meals from scratch and up to two hours a day cleaning.

"I make Conner's lunch for him the night before he goes to work, lay out his clothes for him so everything is organised, and make sure the house is clean and smells good for when he gets home," she continued.

Becky also takes a lot of time to keep herself looking pristine every day.

"I do my hair and make-up, and usually wear a house dress. I like to make sure I always look nice."

With what time she has left, Estee goes grocery shopping and focuses on new hobbies and skills.

"I am currently learning how to garden and I am about to start figure skating too."

Estee says the best thing about following traditional roles is that there's no 'confusion or arguments' about who's turn it is to do something.

When Estee and Connor have children, which they hope to do in the next few years, it will be Estee's job to take care of them.

"I would also make sure that our babies' needs are met and I would also love to home-school them. I am a big believer in homeschooling and knowing what my child is consuming academically."

Estee and Conner have extremely traditional values.
Caters Clips

Estee thinks her 'tradewife' values might have come from her own upbringing.

"My parents divorced when I was young and my mum struggled with her kids to make ends meet," she recalled.

"I strongly knew that I didn't want that for myself. I didn't want to be the woman that went out to work all day and then have to come home to cook and clean."

"I dreamed of staying home and having a partner that would appreciate my role as a homemaker. I just wanted a simple and traditional life.

Estee shares her lifestyle and housewife tips on her TikTok account, though she regularly finds trolls in her comments.

"I believe that women are happiest when they're at home taking care of the house and their family.

"I'm often called lazy by trolls on social media, but I tend to just ignore it.

"I even get comments relating to domestic violence because people think that when you're depending on someone financially, they can abuse you as you don’t have the means to support yourself. But that's just not the case.

"I love the way that we live our life. It's everything I ever dreamed of."

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