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Woman Dumps Date Immediately After Spotting Red Flag In His Car

Woman Dumps Date Immediately After Spotting Red Flag In His Car

This is so gross!

A woman has left social media in a state of shock after filming the red flag she spotted in her date's car.

See the red flag in the video below:

TikTok user @teetee135xo was on a date with an unnamed man when she spotted something was amiss in his vehicle.

She captioned the video: "Just met this guy for the first time safe to say I won't be seeing him again."

This was not an ideal first date, that's for sure.

The video spread across social media, accumulated 3,800 comments, just under 70,000 likes and a whopping 2.4 million views. Everyone has their fair share of first date stories but this one takes the cake.

After watching the clip, TikTok users rushed to the comments to find out more about the date and the gentleman's car.

TikToker @teetee135xo was not impressed (

One commenter replied: “If that is his car what the hell is his house like… or worse… his underpants.”

A woman in the comments section quipped: “why would he even pick a date up in that? Not being funny but this is his car?! what must his house be like?! just no”.

A concerned TikTok account wrote: "Erm, why did you get into the car in the first place?"

Some commenters wondered why she even got into the car (

One person tried to defend the man’s car. They said: “In all fairness mess is probably from the other people he’s had in the car, as he’s always in driver seat haha.”

However @teetee135xo quickly put an end to this theory, she replied: “Or he just flings stuff there when he’s finished with them”.

One woman shared a similar story in the comments. “I met a guy with a car like this , said it was cos of his son then I went to house where he lived alone . Omg was the same lol,” she said.

If we were her, we'd probably take the bus instead.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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