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Woman Dumps Date After Huge Red Flag Moment

Woman Dumps Date After Huge Red Flag Moment

The flag is BRIGHT red.

We all know the standard protocol when it comes to first dates; make a good first impression, pick a good venue, ask questions, don't talk about your ex, make sure you both get home safe - right?

That explains why this woman was left with no choice but to dump her match after he broke one of the most glaringly obvious first date rules.

Watch what happened here.

Warning. The video below contains some strong language

This date may as well have been waving a bright red flag right in her face!

TikTok creator Kristina Asdis (@kristinaasdis) left her followers shocked and concerned when she told them how her date had behaved, while walking home in the dark.

People who had been following the TikToker's updates strongly urged her not to see this particular guy again.

One horrified viewer commented: "No way, any bloke that leaves you in a place like that is not a keeper."

Another added: "That's more than a red flag 🚩 that one come with flairs and a musical number."

A third follower wrote: "This makes me so angry! He was raised very poorly and its a firm NO from me. What an absolute tool!"

Thankfully, Kristina later updated viewers to assure them that she had arrived home safely, and reassuring them that she would not be seeing this man again.

TikTok creator Kristina decided she would not be seeing this man again. (

One follower later wrote: "Possibly why he's single at 51? Shocking behaviour. Glad you're home safely xx"

A second added: "I'm sorry to hear he didn't walk you to your stop, regardless of if the date went well I think it should be standard that we all walk our dates back."

Fear not, Kristina, there are plenty more (polite and gentlemanly) fish in the sea!

Earlier this week, we told you about another woman's dodgy dating fail, after her Hinge match didn't take her rejection too well.

Katlyn Phipps took to TikTok to share one of her dating disasters, and left viewers in shock when she revealed that her date had requested $4 (a paltry £3) to cover her coffee date.

We really are scratching our heads trying to find where some men get the audacity!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@kristinaasdis

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