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People Are Calling This 'The Classiest Rejection They've Ever Seen'

People Are Calling This 'The Classiest Rejection They've Ever Seen'

Nicest rejection ever?

People are seriously impressed with the rejection message this guy sent to a woman he was messaging on Hinge, raving that it was a "classy" move.

TikToker Sarah Thompson shared that she had only been speaking to her Hinge match for two days before things started to fizzle out. But she definitely wasn't expecting a message like this.

Watch her video here:

Sarah captioned the video: "We had only talked for maybe two days and the last time we talked was three weeks ago."

Viewers were impressed that Sarah's match decided to communicate his feelings rather than simply ghost her.

After receiving his message, Sarah wrote back: "Well that's the most professional rejection I've ever received."

Spotting her video, one viewer commented: "I like that you were both so classy."

A second added: "Ok.. but this is exactly how people should let you know. That’s awesome."

While a third user raved: "This is SO respectful. holy jeez. I wish people had the guts to be kind like this instead of making you feel like you did something wrong!!!", a fourth simply wrote: "It’s the emotional intelligence for me 🥰".

Sarah revealed that she and her match had only spoken for two days. (

Another person joked: "I think what hurts the most here is that he’s a man who can effectively communicate and that’s the real loss here 😅".

However, other viewers suggested that the rejection message was "unnecessary", since the Hinge matches had barely had time to make a connection.

One person asked: "Am I the only one who would just rather be ghosted if we’ve never met in person 😭".

Another wrote: "this is nice but also two days of talking and three weeks late it’s kind of unnecessary 😭😭".

And a third commented: "So not necessary! Sometimes it’s muuuch better to just ghost!"

In other dating news, if you do manage to dodge all rejection messages and meet your match for a real date, you could be making great use of that time to get some handy work done.

This woman got her Tinder match to put up her shelves. (

That's what one woman did when she invited her Tinder match over to help her put up some shelves.

After watching her video, other women took to the comments to share their own similar stories. Why didn't we know about this sooner?

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