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Love Island Fans Lose It As Liam Mispronounces 'Essexeducation'

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Love Island Fans Lose It As Liam Mispronounces 'Essexeducation'

Last night’s episode of Love Island, 8 June, sent fans into orbit when Liam tried and failed to pronounce ‘essexedcuation’.

Now, it’s no secret that basically every text the islanders receive comes with a hashtag or two, but this one left Liam stumped. 

Check it out below:



Instead of realising that Essex is a word in its own right, he read out the hashtag as ‘es-sex education’ and not ‘Essex education’. 

The mistake happened when Liam received texts saying that the public had voted for him to go on a date with both of the new bombshell islanders. 

This was a happy moment for the islander, who found himself single when new man Davide stole his original partner Gemma.

Unfortunately, for Liam, this mistake didn’t go unnoticed on social media. 


Reacting to the blunder, one amused fan wrote: “HOW DID LIAM SAY ASSESS EDUCATION INSTEAD OF ESSEX.”

“Essex education. Not Es Sex education 

“Ahhh Liam, every time I think you're cute, you go an do a stupid #LoveIsland [sic]," one person wrote.


“Liam reading Es Sex Education rather then Essex Education has killed me #LoveIsland [sic]," another said.

"I'm sorry did liam just say es-ex education??? it’s essex like the place. he just can’t seem to say anything right #LoveIsland [sic]," someone else wrote.

Another joked with a meme: 


However, Liam wasn’t the only boy to get things wrong on last night’s episode, and there was drama when Andrew appeared to ‘snake’ Luca over his ‘top three’.

It all went down when Andrew told Tasha that she wasn’t one of Luca’s favourite girls. 

She proceeded to confront the fishmonger about it, and he was not happy.


He said: “I would never dog another boy to get to a girl, if my game's bad or the girl don’t like me then fair play you win. I was raging when Tasha told me.

“There isn’t an explanation for it.”

Luca then went on to confront Andrew over his actions, and he was extremely apologetic, claiming that it was an honest mistake. 


“I completely understand why you’re annoyed,” Andrew admitted. “From the bottom of my heart I am sorry, I wasn’t even thinking straight."

“It was an honest mistake, I would never ever in any form want to jeopardise anyone’s chances with any other girl especially the guys who are my mates, that’s so important to me, I would never ever do that on purpose.”

Featured Image Credit: Credit: ITV

Topics: Love Island, Sex and Relationships

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