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Woman who got married on Don't Tell The Bride had only one request before they were separated

Woman who got married on Don't Tell The Bride had only one request before they were separated

Jade and Levi were banned from seeing or speaking to each other before their big day.

We all remember Don’t Tell the Bride - the nerve-wracking reality show in which wedding planning was given a gender-swapped twist with husbands-to-be taking over.

This often led to most tragically hilarious outcomes: the grooms often put their own oddball wedding ideas before their fiancée's, they always seemed to ignore the type of dress their one true love wanted and somehow they used their wedding budget on boozy stag do parties.

But for every wedding horror story on the hit series, there were also some happy endings.

Jade, 32 and Levi Stone, 33 appeared on the popular BBC Three and E4 show in 2013 and are still together a decade later. They also share two children, sons Frankie, eight and Donnie, four.

The Stones tied the knot in front of thousands of fans at a Stoke City football match because Levi is a diehard fan of the club.

Jade and Levi are still together 10 years after their TV wedding.

As the couple look back at their time on the show, Jade has revealed she only had one request before they were separated.

In case you haven’t seen Don’t Tell the Bride, couples were separated and told to avoid contacting each other to make the big day an even bigger surprise.

Jade requested that Levi get a ring that was to her taste.

“At the time I wasn’t aware of anything going on, the one place I thought it wasn’t going to be was a football stadium,” Jade recalled.

Jade and Levi on their wedding day.
BBC Three

“It was the biggest shock of my life really."

Surprisingly, the couple haven’t been back to their wedding location since they got married 10 years ago in front of thousands of football fans.

“When we got to Stoke, I was like, 'What is this?'" she said

"To get married in front of 30,000 people and for our reception to be in the Stoke room and to have pictures with the footballers on your wedding day was just crazy.

“I was always quite a control freak, so it was a shock for everyone to believe I’d let him organise the big day.

Jade had one request before they were separated.

“At the time, the future didn’t cross my mind so it’s only now that I’m aware of how lucky we are with his idea that got us on the show.”

The couple met when they 14 when their schools combined for an education day and the pair say it was love at first sight.

Unfortunately, they fell out of touch, but eventually reconnected on social media at 18 and became friends online. A few years later they decided to give a relationship a go.

They had only been together for less than a year when they appeared on the show, with Jade putting her trust in Levi to plan the perfect wedding.

Levi filled in the application after Jade dropped hints and when they were accepted, the pair quickly got engaged.

She said: "When watching other people, I feel like it was quite a nice one.

"We're not fighting against each other, we just had one goal to get married and wherever it was we both would have been happy.”

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