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People defend 'sweet' man married to doll for over 10 years

People defend 'sweet' man married to doll for over 10 years

Davecat and his doll wear matching wedding bands that read 'synthetic love lasts forever'

People have defended a 'sweet' man after he opened up about his 10-year marriage to a sex doll.

Davecat appeared on an episode of TLC UK to speak about the love of his life: a real doll named Sidore.

The 38-year-old from Michigan said that when he first got Sidore he described her as his 'synthetic girlfriend', but their relationship has progressed to the point where he calls her his 'wife'.

In the episode, Davecat explains that his interest in dolls started at a young age. When his mum would take him shopping, he'd be interested in the mannequins on display.

Back in 1999, his friend tipped him off about a website that sold lifelike dolls, and his interest reached an entirely new level.

The pair tied the knot over a decade ago and now they wear matching wedding bands that say 'Synthetic love lasts forever'.

And there's no denying the IT worker looks after his real doll - buying clothes for her, doing her hair and making sure she gets enough 'sleep'.

She's also the subject of his photoshoots, something he describes as a 'fun' activity for the pair.

Despite the fact that Davecat is clearly content with his 'synthetic love', TLC spoke with psychologist Dr John Zajecka about the potential concerns of this lifestyle.

"Most people find it soothing to live in a fantasy life, to fantasise or even to daydream," he explains.

"It really becomes problematic when that becomes the predominant way that they live their life."

Davecat likes to do photoshoots with his real doll.

Davecat himself admits he's always been fascinated with what a professional would think of his relationship, and so he agrees to see a psychologist for an analysis.

During their conversation, he says, "I would be fascinated to know why I can't seem to find an organic partner that's good for me," before expressing his worries about whether or not this would impact his relationship with his doll.

When the doctor asks, "What's the pain here?" Davecat replies, "The pain I would have to say would be loneliness really.

"I've been in relationships before and they weren't true relationships. They were affairs."

The psychologist determines that Davecat seems to be 'frightened' by getting close and intimate with a real person.

But the IT worker ultimately decides he's content with his life and is convinced his marriage to Sidore is the right one for him.

So much so that within hours of their meeting, Davecat buys himself another real doll.

After seeing a psychologist, he decided to get another doll.

Now, some people may question his decisions and wonder whether it's healthy to avoid having relationships with real humans.

But a majority of those who commented on his situation expressed sympathy towards him, with one writing: "It's so sad that a seemingly nice person like him doesn't feel safe enough in this world to find another human being to bond and settle down with."

"Honestly he’s happy and he’s not hurting anyone, I don’t really see the problem," said another.

Others described him as sweet, while a third added, "He's obviously a really caring guy, best of luck to him."

Featured Image Credit: TLC

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