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Psychologist reveals the way to make someone instantly like you

Psychologist reveals the way to make someone instantly like you

*Vigorously takes notes*

If you're trying to get a guy's attention, but all the love letters, sonnets, and winky-face emojis are getting you nowhere, we've found the woman for the job.

A psychologist and relationship therapist has shared her favourite tips and tactics to get a man to like you using the power of *the mind* - and some psychology basics.

Kimberly Moffit, founder of KMA Therapy, went viral on TikTok after casually dropping some words of wisdom while applying her makeup for the day. Check it out here:

"As a relationship therapist, I've literally spent my career studying the art of human attraction and human psychology, so I know that these things work", she boldly claimed.

First and foremost, Kimberly introduced her 1.5 million followers to the 'reciprocal liking concept'.

The psychological term is based on the simple fact that people enjoy spending time with those who like them and make them feel good. Pretty simple, right?

Kimberly broke it down, telling her viewers that the next time they see their crush, they should act "genuinely excited."

She continued: "You're probably thinking: 'Shouldn't I be playing it cool? Shouldn't I be waiting for them to come and talk to me?' And the answer is: Absolutely not."

Explaining the method, the trained therapist shared: "Our brains are psychologically primed to like people more when we know that they like us and think we're a good person."

Kimberly shared her top tips for getting someone to like you.

The psychologist added that this can be an ideal method for all sorts of relationships - not just romantic.

Later on in the video, Kimberly suggested that pointing out similarities between you and your crush was a foolproof technique.

"The human brain does unconsciously choose people who we view as similar to us", she explained.

Offering an extremely basic example, she joked: "Oh my gosh, I can't believe we both have a sister!"

Ideally, you might be able to find something a little more niche than that, though!

For her third trick, Kimberly claimed showing even the slightest bit of skin could work like a charm when it came to getting a guy's attention.

"Your comfort is key when it comes to dressing in front of anybody. But if you want to play it psychologically, it will not hurt to just show a little bit of bare skin," she recommended.

The qualified relationship therapist went viral after sharing her words of wisdom.

Her final tip, which she referred to as 'the kicker', was to 'make sure you give other guys the time of day'.

Obviously, this only applies to a certain extent, but Kimberly raved about the effects of showing a bit of harmless attention to other men, claiming that it could naturally bring out a 'protective instinct in guys'.

Some of her viewers weren't so sure about the advice, commenting that Kimberly's tips bordered on 'manipulation.'

"This would freak me out lol", wrote one uncertain TikToker.

"But like isn’t this manipulation", asked another.

On the other hand, some people couldn't get enough of her little nuggets of wisdom.

"I love you’re page so much please never stop", one fan commented.

"I need more", claimed a second.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@ask_kimberly

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