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Dating expert says divorced man missing his children is a red flag

Dating expert says divorced man missing his children is a red flag

Jana Hocking, a dating expert and columnist, revealed that she had a dating fiasco with a divorced man.

A dating expert has revealed why divorced men saying they ‘miss; their kids is a huge red flag.

Despite previously saying that this group could be a “untapped market’, Jana Hocking has admitted that she changed her mind after a up close and personal encounter.

While we are all prone to a change of heart, it seems even the experts struggle when it comes to dating.

Hocking, who is a regular columnist for the New York Post, made the admission in her recent article as she reflected on the dating fiasco.

In fact, she even revealed that she thought she’d found the perfect match with a divorced dad who’d she had two wonderful dates with.

“We connected over Instagram and went on a brilliant date when he visited my city,” she confessed: “Well actually … we went on two great dates. Coffee in the morning and then met up for cocktails that night.”

It was then that the dating coach decided to plan a spontaneous weekend away with the unnamed man, admitting that it may have been a bit ‘reckless’.

“Sparks were flying, the banter was on point, and on a surface level, we were very attracted to each other,” Hocking continued. “We booked flights, found a gorgeous hotel with a spa and winery, and packed our bags with haste.”

As they prepared in for their first night away on the mini-break, things began to go downhill.

Her experience sounds like a bad rom-com, with her date admitting that he missed his kids during a romantic wine tasting experience.

Whilst most people wouldn’t think twice about the throwaway comment, Hocking called this her ‘first red flag’ and explained why it was so problematic.

Its never easy finding the one as the dating expert explained.

For the dating expert, it showed that the divorce was simply to fresh for things to progress as she explained.

“He was still coming to terms with not seeing his kids every day and my heart broke for him,” she told readers.

Not long after this, Hocking was given her second red flag during the short trip.

The unnamed man went on to talk about his previous marriage, even admitting that it was ‘the single life’ for him – despite being opposite his date!

This continued throughout their mini-break with Hocking confessing that she was ‘less girlfriend material’ and more ‘therapist’.

Whilst it’s healthy to share your feelings, it sadly confirmed that Hocking and the divorced man were not meant to be as the ‘spark had been extinguished’.

The dating expert asked that this to be a lesson for all her readers to be aware of the rebound, especially after divorce.

Here’s hoping Hocking has more luck in the future!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@jana_hocking / Pexels

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