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Couple who get trolled for husband being 'too ugly' for wife share how they met

Couple who get trolled for husband being 'too ugly' for wife share how they met

The couple don't let the cruel comments get to them

A husband who has been called ‘too unattractive’ to be with his wife has revealed the story about how their relationship began. 

Scott, who lives in Houston, Texas, and his wife Divine have been a couple for five years and regularly share updates about their lives and relationship on TikTok

Scott has Scleroderma, an autoimmune disease that he first developed in his teens, which he says ‘morphed’ his appearance and has become the victim of nasty comments about his looks online.

Scott and his wife Divine.

The couple first met in 2017 when Divine, who lived in the Philippines, messaged Scott by mistake on Facebook and they ended up striking up a conversation. 

After chatting online for a while, they decided to start dating and began a long-distance relationship until 2017 when Scott visited the Philippines to meet Divine in person and propose. 

They carried on with their long-distance relationship for four years until Divine moved out to the US and the pair tied the knot

Smitten Scott says Divine has completely transformed his life; speaking to Truly, he said: “Before I met Divine, life was pretty boring. My life was at a total standstill.”

In 2021, Scott and Divine started posting about their relationship on TikTok and their videos have since amassed thousands of views.

However, they’ve become the target of cruel trolls who say Scott is ‘ugly’ and ‘punching above his weight’ with Divine. 

Others have accused Divine of being after a ‘green card’ or is only with him for his money. 

Despite the comments, the couple remain strong with Scott saying the trolling has ‘no effect’ on him anymore. 

He said: “Because you keep seeing the same thing over and over again. There's just no effect anymore.

“We're just two normal people...there's always going to be someone out there that's not going to think about it [his appearance].”

The couple have been trolled online.

Wife Divine agrees, but says the comments can still be ‘hurtful’ and insists that claims she is with Scott for his money are untrue. 

Rather than let the nasty comments get them down, the couple make light of them by responding to them in funny clips on TikTok. 

And alongside the hate, the couple also receive plenty of nice comments from followers who support their marriage. 

One person posted: “You guys are [an] adorable couple.”

While another hit back at the trolls directly, commenting: “Why are you so bothered about what they post on their account? Get a life.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/divinerapsing

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