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‘Raw dogging’ is the controversial new trend men are doing on flights

‘Raw dogging’ is the controversial new trend men are doing on flights

The 'raw dogging' travel trend has been going viral on TikTok for all the wrong reasons

Men are attempting to ‘raw dog’ plane journeys after the painstaking trend went viral on TikTok, with one person even admitting it was their 'beige flag'.

When you find out men are ‘raw dogging’ it on flights, you wouldn’t be the only one to raise an eyebrow.

Despite many people becoming members of the ‘mile high club’, and indeed ‘raw dogging’ it, the term has recently taken on a whole new meaning.

It’s the travel trend of the summer, although we’re not totally sure we would want to give it a go.

Would you 'raw dog' a flight? (Getty stock image)
Would you 'raw dog' a flight? (Getty stock image)

Aircrafts are usually full of in-flight entertainment, especially on long-haul journeys.

You might have a little screen in front of your seat with a selection of movies to watch, or you may prefer to stick your headphones in and listen to some music.

It’s pretty hard to resist not picking out a sweet treat from the trolley selection, but ‘raw doggers’ are finding a whole new level of willpower.

That’s right - no music, no streaming, no snacking, and even more bizarrely, no sleep.

‘Raw dogging’ is now being used to describe staring into the distance, perhaps at the in-flight map or nothing at all, for the entire flight.

TikTok creator Michelle recognised people taking part in the trend and decided to whip out her phone and film the scene, writing: “I have never seen so many people raw dogging a flight in my life. Literally just staring straight ahead the entire time?

“My attention span is shot.” (Getty stock image)
“My attention span is shot.” (Getty stock image)

“This was a 5 HOUR flight from NYC to SF??

“Aren't San Franciscans always glued to a screen or something???”

The TikTok user rounded off by asking: “Have I become an iPad kid...”


And it’s not just men that are challenging themselves with the task, one mum looking for a bit of peace and quiet also likes to ‘raw dog’ it.

Johanna Riehm, 34, said in a TikTok: “My beige flag is that I like to raw dog flights.

“I sit there in silence with my thoughts and just watch the little GPS plane.”

While we have all longed for a few moments to ourselves, that many hours with your own thoughts sounds a little too much.

Featured Image Credit: Getty stock images

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