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The clever hacks mums are praising to keep kids calm on flights

The clever hacks mums are praising to keep kids calm on flights

Viewers have hailed the hack as 'genius'

When it comes to planning holidays, we tend to forget how stressful the flight experience can be, instead focusing on the sand we'll soon be feeling between our toes.

The truth is that flying has its stressful moments for everyone. Turbulence, issues of hygiene, crying babies...

If you think it's stressful flying with people your own age, flying with children multiplies that by ten.

And it's always seemed like something entirely out of the adult's control - until now.

Flying with kids can be stressful.
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In the age of the internet, there's a hack for anything, and mum-fluencers are swearing by their methods on how to keep children calm while on a plane.

It turns out the method is in-flight 'snackleboxes', a term coined by TikTok user @twomomsandthebabes - a hugely popular account with more than 945,000 followers.

A snacklebox is a homemade snack box in a plastic container - lovingly filled with a variety of food including crisps and fruit.

The snackleboxes have earned tons of praise online, both for being an effective way to achieve a peaceful flight, as well as being nutritious.

Viewers have called it 'genius'.

Social Media Executive at Ocean Florida and mum-of-one Zara Bartoszewicz told The Mirror: “Bringing lots of entertainment is one of the best ways to make sure any long family journey runs smoothly. Magazines, colouring books, toys (ideally ones that won’t be easily lost/don’t make a mess) and a pack of cards or other fun board games are all amazing options."

She continued spilling the beans to the relief of travelling parents everywhere, adding: "Another option for a toy that can keep the kids entertained and fed, is the TikTok viral 'snacklebox'.

"Essentially, this involves filling a cheap fishing tackle box (or other box with multiple compartments, with your children’s favourite snacks).

"Not only is it a sensory toy that can help young children learn how to sort items, but it’s a great way to make sure the kids are getting the nutrients they need.”

When the TikToker shared their video of a snacklebox, it went viral, amassing over 12,000 likes.

The comments were full of people in awe.

One user wrote: "Going to Disney next month with our 18 month old - definitely doing this for her!!”

Another said: "Great idea! Lots of variety!"

A third added: "What a cool idea LOVE IT."

Note that one down for later.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/twomomsandthebabes/ Images

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