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When it comes to space on a plane you've got to make the most of what you've got because once that giant metal bee takes off you're stuck in your seat until it lands once again.

While you can try to recline and grant yourself a little more room than usual that can have disastrous consequences.

Nobody sitting in an already cramped space really wants the seat in front of them to lurch suddenly towards their head.

Reclining means invading someone else's space on the plane, and speaking of which you should definitely never stick bits of yourself into other people's personal space because you might not like what they do to you.

However, there is one useful hack that some passengers can use to get a little bit more space on the plane but you do have to be sitting in the right place for it to work.

There's just so much more room for activities.

A Virgin airlines flight attendant showed that people in the aisle seats could give themselves that crucial extra bit of room by taking the armrest out of the equation.

She showed that under the armrest there's a little button which if pressed allows you to move the armrest up and out of the way entirely, allowing you to spill yourself into the plane's aisle a little bit and get more space.

It's also pretty useful if you don't want your bag snagging on the lever while you're trying to move it around.

For lots of people a trick like this makes the aisle seat their 'favourite', though some said they were 'scared of what my finger might find under there'.

Just push that button and try not to think about the last time it was cleaned.

Flight attendants have got all sorts of useful tips and tricks to make your experience up in the air that little bit better.

They know the best seats to book on the various aircraft which come with the most legroom and the lowest chance of spending hours flying though the sky stuck next to the toilet.

On top of that they have advice for your best ways to move things around and stop people stealing your belongings while you're on holiday.

When it comes to signalling that certain passengers are looking good they also have their own set of codewords and phrases so they can talk about it with each other and you'll never know.

Or you wouldn't if we didn't just tell you what the secret was, if a flight attendant says 'cheerio' to you while you're getting off the plane then it's supposed to be a signal to their colleagues that they think you're good looking.

As if you weren't jealous enough of them already some of them also have a secret compartment on certain planes that do overnight flights where they can sleep in between shifts.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@virginaustralia

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