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Woman on plane stunned as she wakes up from nap to child drawing on her sock

Woman on plane stunned as she wakes up from nap to child drawing on her sock

It's not what you expect when you drift off for a nap mid-flight

A woman had a shock when she woke up mid-flight to find a toddler scribbling all over her sock with coloured pens.

Passenger Julia Valentine had nodded off on a recent flight, with her feet resting on the chair in front, when she awoke to find pink, purple and blue ink all over her white socks. You can watch the video below:

It turns out the child sat in front had used her foot as a colouring book, giving her socks a brand new look.

Julia shared the footage online, explaining: "I woke up to some random kid drawing on my white socks...".

It was later shared by Instagram account @lifesatripwithsk, who posted it to their followers.

"WHAT WOULD YOU DO? …if you woke up to an art project on your feet?," they wrote.

"We are often asked about wearing socks on planes, and we are 100% okay with it…IF they are clean, don’t smell, and stay in your own space and not propped on various parts of the aircraft. If you’ve ever flown first or business class you’ve probably been given a pair of socks or slippers, so it’s definitely a thing.

"Oh, and never ever ever everrrrrr go to the lavatory without wearing shoes, because the liquid on the floor is NOT WATER."

The woman was shocked when the child drew on her sock.

People were shocked at the video, although it certainly divided viewers, with many understanding the kid's point of view.

One person wrote: "Keep your feet in your own space. Your feet shouldn't have been close enough for that child to color on."

While another said: "So wait…their feet were up in the space of the seat in front and a kid colored on them? Hah. Good on that kid."

And a third added: "Only yourself to blame. If your feet are somewhere they can be 'drawn on' then they are in the wrong place."

A fourth wrote: "What you get for taking your shoes off on a airplane! So gross lol."

People said the woman shouldn't have had her feet on the armrest.

Others were more sympathetic, but still believed the woman shouldn't have had her feet up.

"On the one hand, please tell your kids not draw on people’s socks. On the other hand, please tell your adult friend to stop putting his feet in other people’s space," one wrote.

Others thought it was cute, with another adding: "This is adorable. Can you match the other sock for me too, please?"

What do you think?

Featured Image Credit: @lifesatripwithsk/TikTok

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