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Hairdresser defends herself after being bombarded with abusive messages about her prices

Hairdresser defends herself after being bombarded with abusive messages about her prices

Rebecca Louise Ivatt, a Prestwich hairdresser, took to social media to slam abusive messages about the price of her hair services

Going to the hairdresser is an experience we all use to have a bit of a pamper and TLC, but would you throw your dummy out if you couldn’t afford a certain treatment?

This is what a hairdresser in Prestwich has had to deal with after coming under fire for her pricing.

But this salon stunner isn’t taking it lying down and has firmly put her foot down against those who want to ridicule her costs.

Rebecca Louise Ivatt, 38, has been working in the industry for the past two decades, and now runs her own hairdresser called The Spa at 142, which has its own Instagram account to show off her fabulous dos.

Ivatt got hate for the cost of this hair style.
Instagram/ by_rebeccalouise

However, one of her most recent posts attracted abuse when she disclosed the price to her nearly 6,000 followers.

Sharing a Billie Eilish-esque blonde bombshell hairstyle, Ivatt listed the different treatments used to create the lovely look, revealing it all totalled to a price of £250.

This cost was for half a head of highlights and fitting hair extensions, which is a time-consuming process.

Unfortunately, the hairdresser woke up on Thursday 27 July to find that she had been bombarded with flack for her service charge.

But it’s not the first time it's happened, which is why she is now calling for there to be more respect for professionals working within the hair and beauty industry.

Uploading a new photo to the social media app, Ivatt wanted to tell everyone exactly what she thought about the horrible messages.

The hairdresser put her foot down with the hate.
Instagram/ by_rebeccalouise

She wrote: "So I have woken up to a few messages regarding my pricing on my last post saying I'm over charging. Just to be clear my prices reflect my experience (20 years!) and the products I use.

"I only use the best and most high quality products for my lovely clients. Also we have to charge for the time taken on a client. I feel in this industry we are massively undervalued for our skill set and the services we provide," she continued.

Ivatt, who is currently pregnant with her third child, told the MEN that she has faced these comments in person and online for years and that the costs to run a small business just keep going up.

She explained: "It has happened quite a few times to be honest where people think it's ok to question your prices. I just feel like in our industry people are so undermined for our skills - but why?”

Ivatt received horrible messages.
Instagram/ by_rebeccalouise

An abusive message she received because of her pricing was someone asking: "As if you'd charge this much for this?"

But the hairdresser went on to explain that a haircut and finish could cost up to £50, which still could be met with complaints from customers because they don’t understand the costs involved.

She said: "People think that because you can buy a tube of tint for £15 off the internet, that as a hairdresser you should be reflecting those prices - but your skill set isn't taken into consideration and your environment. I personally think I have a lovely salon and I keep it as a personal service, that coming to the salon is a luxury.”

Thankfully, after posting her side of the story online, Ivatt was met with a lot of support in her comment section, with many agreeing that she is 'worth every penny'.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@by_rebeccalouise

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