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When you are not in, it is certainly not uncommon for delivery drivers to drop a package on your doorstep or leave it with a neighbour.

While the doorstep in particular is potentially a riskier move, you don't exactly expect a random person to come outside and take it for themselves.

However, that is exactly what happened to one woman, which she documented on TikTok.

User @kenntoliv, real name Kennady Oliver, shared a clip to the platform showing the thief caught in action.

Captured through her neighbour’s doorbell camera, you can evidently see the unfolding of a theft crime.

The woman, dressed in a black and white patterned dress, first approached Kennady's door before walking away.

However, she decided to return and snatched the parcel before wandering off again.

The thief was captured on a doorbell camera.

The woman must have been aware of the camera though, as Kennady explained in a number of captions how the woman tried to evade detection.

She wrote that the woman clearly 'checks for cameras then ducks under peephole' to avoid suspicion.

And it wasn't long until the Kennady came face-to-face with the thief, leaving her a little shocked.

“I was so caught off guard,” she wrote on her video. “I didn’t actually think I was going to see her!”

The woman was not going to admit her crimes though, which is especially surprising considering the cold-hard evidence of being captured on CCTV.

The TikToker was coming back form walking her dog when she noticed the package stealer and confronted her on the spot.

Approaching the older woman, she called out that she saw her on 'camera the other day taking a package from my door'.

That didn't seem to stop the woman in her tracks though, as she then made a flat out lie surrounding what her intentions were.

The woman denied stealing the parcel.

“No, no, I was checking. I was checking the doors,” she claimed.

But given the video evidence, Kennady knew this wasn't true.

In a second part to this story, the TikToker replied to a comment which stated disbelief that people would nab packages without having any idea as to what is inside them.

The thief in question is then joined by another woman who continues to deny all the proof that she nabbed the parcel.

The TikToker said: "She kept asking for ‘more footage’ to deflect but my neighbour sent me all of the footage he had.”

The thief was presented with the video, with the accompanying younger woman also adamant there had been some kind of misunderstanding and the older woman must have dropped it back off or something else had happened.

However Kennady wasn't having it, especially when the woman tried to hand her money, saying she didn't steal it but will pay for it regardless.

Kennady even threatened to call the police at one point, though it is unclear if the TikToker did call the authorities.

She wrote in a video caption that she 'didn't want her money I want the package because I know she has it!'

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@kenntoliv

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