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Brits In Hysterics As Boris Johnson's Birthday Party Looks 'So Sad'

Brits In Hysterics As Boris Johnson's Birthday Party Looks 'So Sad'

Sue Gray's report has been published.

Brits are in stitches following the release of Sue Gray's Downing Street 'partygate' report, which included some photos from Boris Johnson's birthday party.

The prime minister had received a fine for attending a birthday party held for him in June 2020, when indoor mixing was banned due to covid-19 restrictions in place at the time.

Alongside the highly anticipated report were some photographs from the illegal gathering, and people can't get enough.

Boris's birthday party wasn't exactly a big bash.
Cabinet Office

In the photos, Johnson's birthday party appeared to consist of some supermarket-bought sandwiches, cans of fizzy drinks, and some pitchers of orange juice and apple juice laid out on a boardroom table.

After spotting the photos at the end of the 37-page report, people took to Twitter to discuss the rather sad-looking affair.

"Reading the stuff about the Sue Gray report and this photo of Boris's birthday party is so looks so sad," wrote one Twitter user.

"They really just bought all the Sainsburys sandwiches and thats it lol".

A second wrote: "expected Boris Johnson's birthday party to be s**t yet it's even worse than i could have imagined".

And a third echoed: "I have to say, Boris's birthday party looks properly s**t".

People couldn't believe the spread - or lack thereof - for Boris Johnson's birthday party. (
Cabinet Office)

A fourth person argued: "Boris Johnson breaking covid regulations again for a party that looks like the most awkward birthday celebration I've ever seen... not worth endangering his people and/or his reputation."

Meanwhile, a fifth joked: "Feel sorry for all the people that couldn't get a Tesco Meal Deal that day because Downing Street cleared out all the sandwiches for Boris's birthday".

The prime minister looked a little bit disappointed with the birthday celebrations. (
Cabinet Office)

Sue Gray's report covered 16 different events that were said to have taken place in 2020 and 2021 while strict lockdown restrictions were being enforced across the UK.

Meanwhile, the Metropolitan Police are investigating 12 of these events, and have already issued fixed penalty notices to at 83 different people for attending.

The Prime Minister received a fine for attending the gathering.
Cabinet Office

The Met Police has so far issued a total of 126 fixed penalty notices to attendees, including the prime minister, his wife Carrie Johnson, and Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

Featured Image Credit: Cabinet Office/Alamy

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