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Man faces backlash after giving wife 'who won't listen' a performance review to 'improve' herself

Man faces backlash after giving wife 'who won't listen' a performance review to 'improve' herself

The man said he felt the review would 'work best'

Members of the public were quick to provide a husband with an answer after he asked whether he was being an 'a**hole' for giving his wife a 'performance review'.

In case there was any confusion, no, he isn't her employer, and this wasn't in a work-related context.

Criticism of the man came flooding in after he took to Reddit to share his story, questioning whether he was being an 'a**hole' for giving his wife, who's a stay-at-home mum, 'a written performance review with suggested areas needing improvement'.

The man gave 'areas for improvement' in his review (stock image).

The man explained that he and his wife have one six-year-old child together, and they also take care of the wife's 13-year-old daughter and their 15-year-old niece.

He accused the mum of having taught their youngest child to 'blame others for her actions to avoid consequences', and claimed she clearly favourited their young daughter, which makes the elder children 'act out'.

The husband explained he and has wife had 'countless, tiring arguments' in which she failed to see her faults, or follow through on whatever they agreed on.

"I decided to write her a performance review, as a [stay at home mum]," the man said.

The man reviewed his wife's 'performance' as a stay at home mum.

"Her areas in need of improvement, well it was a lot. But I touched on how she needs to listen better, stop being biased. Be fair in all her decisions, stop making rash decisions without taking all three kids into consideration.

"I recommended her to give each child the same amount of one-on-one alone time to speak, or just be with one another.

"So it wouldn’t be an entirely slap to her face, I gave her accolades on her strong points for other areas aside from parenting.

"I guess I felt this would work best, because I could organize my thoughts on paper without her interjecting."

Probably unsurprisingly, the man said the review 'quickly backfired', with his wife 'exploding' on him and describing the review as a 'manipulative sexist move'.

After his story was put to the public, Reddit users stressed that the man did not handle the situation in the right way.

The wife branded the review as 'sexist'.

"The concerns you have are legitimate and it needs an urgent solution. But, the way you went about it is really unhealthy," one wrote.

"The parenting of your children is not a project. You are not her boss, you are her husband and the father of her kid.

"Giving her a performance review comes across as really condescending and as she said, manipulative."

Another Redditer described the review as 'kind of messed up', while a third slammed it as 'unbelievably condescending'.

But while the general consensus is that a performance review is not the way to go, many Redditors agreed that the wife isn't entirely innocent, and that the couple need to work together on their communication.

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