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People left furious after woman shows off 'inappropriate' Halloween costume to her dad

People left furious after woman shows off 'inappropriate' Halloween costume to her dad

"Man really took of his glasses so he couldn’t see what she’s wearing"

It's the spooky season, which means people are dusting off their Halloween costumes ready for the weekend.

While some like to bring the scares, others take the opportunity to go for a sexy look.

Falling into the latter camp is Saoirse Flynn, who has caused quite a stir online after getting her dad to rate her outfit, with some criticising the whole thing as 'inappropriate'.

In a video that's since gone viral, the TikToker can be seen wearing a red, skin-tight vinyl dress with a plunging neckline and short skirt, alongside pointy devil horns and thigh-high boots.

Text over the footage reads, "Dad rates my Halloween costume."

Saoirse takes a mirror shot of the risqué ensemble before revealing it to her dad, asking him: "So what do you think of my Halloween costume?"

It's safe to say he looks horrified - which you could argue is the name of the game.

After being stopped in his tracks, he then walks into another room while telling his daughter, "I'm not even going to comment."

The TikToker then continues to poke, asking, "Do you not like it?" But the dad chimes in, "When I'll see it on you I'll say fine," pointing out that she's wearing next to nothing.

Although it was only meant to be a bit of fun, a lot of commenters are not amused, with some saying she 'traumatised' her poor dad.

Some people said the reveal was 'inappropriate'.

"The disrespect you have for your da is unbelievable," wrote one, while another said: "He’s traumatized you can see the shock on his face."

A third added: "For me, this is an outfit I would wear for my partner at home... not in front of my Dad."

A fourth joked to give a 'moment of silence' for her father, while another quipped: "Man really took of his glasses so he couldn’t see what she’s wearing."

Tyla has reached out to Saoirse for comment.

The TikToker isn't the only one causing a stir this spooky season, as Kourtney Kardashian was recently slammed for her lavish Halloween party for being ‘violent’ and ‘inappropriate’.

The reality TV star and her husband Travis Barker turned their Calabasas mansion into a creepy immersive experience inspired by new horror film Halloween Ends, having decked the pad out with everything from themed refreshments to... plastic dead bodies.

There’s no denying the star’s bash looked the part, but some social media users have criticised the eldest Kardashian sister for going overboard.

Commenting on Reddit, one person wrote: "As much as I love horror and scary things, this is a bit too realistic & violent for absolutely no reason... gives me bad vibes."

Someone else said: "I love Halloween and I try to be understanding of other people's point of view but it is so gross to use something like murdered women as a prop...”

A third added: “I feel like this is highly inappropriate even for adults.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@saoirsebodgeflynn

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