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Woman left in tears after boyfriend's Halloween costume revealed he was cheating on her

Woman left in tears after boyfriend's Halloween costume revealed he was cheating on her

He had attended a last-minute Halloween party with another girl

Though the 2023 spooky season is drawing to a close, one woman has this week opened up on an traumatising unforeseen scare she was subjected to this year.

The 22-year-old was looking forward to spending the weekend alongside close friends and her long-term boyfriend, enjoying the frightening festivities.

But she's been left with a Halloween to remember for all the wrong reasons, after discovering that her partner of eight years had been cheating on her.

And to make matters worse, it was his fancy dress costume that gave away his infidelities.

The woman had long suspected her beau could have been getting up to mischief behind her back, but was constantly reassured by friends and family because he 'seemed like a great guy'.

Her suspicions were confirmed in the most horrific of ways this weekend, however.

A close pal of the woman in question has since told Reddit readers that she brought her along to a Halloween party she'd been invited to, being that her boyfriend, a police officer, had been 'called into work'...

The friend shared the story on Reddit.
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The boyfriend was therefore unable to take part in the couples costume that his doting girlfriend had arranged for them.

The unnamed friend wrote on the social media app that around 1am on the night of the party, the man in question 'just sort of appeared in the crowd' alongside another woman.

"When I saw the red football jersey my heart sank," she revealed. "Because about a minute later a girl dressed up as Taylor Swift came up and held his hand. My friend saw it and she immediately ran for a bathroom sobbing."

Understandably fluctuating between heartbreak and pure rage, the pal recalls the girlfriend repeatedly demanding to go and confront her cheating boyfriend, but was stopped out of concern 'she was going to do something that would end her up in jail'.

The pal eventually enlisted the help of her colleague, another attendee to the last-minute soirée, to encourage the girlfriend to leave the party.

"We ended up dragging her out," she wrote. "And she made such a scene that her boyfriend finally noticed she was at the party and he took off like a scared rabbit."

The friend then added that her friendship with the girlfriend had been left in tatters by the gut-wrenching incident

"She called me a horrible friend for not believing her for the past few weeks," the friend penned. "I said I was so sorry. She said I'm a major a*****e for making her leave because she could have caught him in the act and made a clean break."

She added: "I said she was scaring me with how she was talking in the bathroom. She said she's an adult and can make her own choices. She said it's going to be a long time before she can forgive me and left and I think she's blocked me on everything.

"I feel bad for the whole situation and I feel bad that I may have made the wrong decision."

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