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Jamie Lee Curtis hates horror so much she can’t even watch Hocus Pocus

Jamie Lee Curtis hates horror so much she can’t even watch Hocus Pocus

Jamie Lee might be a scream queen, but she really can't handle her horror!

OG 'Scream Queen' Jamie Lee Curtis has confessed she gets scared so easily that she can't even watch harmless Halloween films like Hocus Pocus.

Yes, that's iconic horror film survivor Jamie Lee Curtis.

The legendary actress is about to return as Laurie Strode to take on the dreaded Michael Myers one last time in Halloween Ends, which hits cinemas this week, but she has no intention of heading out to see the film herself.

"I'm not a horror girl at all," Jamie told Tyla ahead of the film's release.

"I wouldn't even see Hocus Pocus. No. That'd probably scare the sh*t out of me."

Making it abundantly clear just how much of a scaredy-cat she is, Jamie insists that there are even certain cartoons that she can't watch.

"I mean, I'm the girl who my friends will say, ‘Have you seen that new show on TV? Oh, Jamie, you can't see it. It's way too scary for you.’ That's just who I am. My friends know it," she laughs.

The star's demeanour turns deadly serious as she adds: "I'm 64 years old. I've raised two children from birth. Life is f**king scary enough and I don't need anything extra."

Jamie Lee Curtis returns as Laurie Strode one last time.
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Jamie Lee, who first played Halloween's Laurie Strode back in 1978, did watch Halloween Ends once after filming – but she probably couldn't bear to do it again.

"The parts of the movie I didn't watch being filmed – seeing it for the first time, I had the volume down and I had my face behind my hands," she confessed.

Halloween Ends is set four years after the events of Halloween Kills (2021) – Laurie Strode's last encounter with Michael Myers.

Now Laurie is living with her granddaughter Allyson in Haddonfield, trying to finish her memoir, and still grieving the loss of her daughter Karen.

There's been no sign of Myers for four years, so Laurie is slowly starting to liberate herself, and embrace life.

But after introducing Allyson to a misunderstood young man named Corey, it isn't long before all hell breaks loose – and Myers decides to show his masked face one final time.

Michael Myers will return to Haddonfield.
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After 40 years of playing Laurie Strode, Jamie Lee feels she shares a real 'sisterhood' with the character.

"Jamie is Laurie, Laurie is Jamie. It's just a beautiful continuum that will last til I'm dead and way beyond."

Reflecting on the life that Laurie could have had, and who she became at the hands of Michael Myers, Jamie laments: "She [Laurie] had her life stolen from her. Her innocence is stolen from her and her life is stolen from her.

"Forty years later, Laurie is living behind barbed wire with her daily repetition of preparation for his ultimate coming back.” 

And that day is coming sooner rather than later...

Halloween Ends is in UK cinemas 14 October.

Featured Image Credit: Universal Pictures

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