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Expert reveals ‘yellow flags’ to look out for when dating a new partner

Expert reveals ‘yellow flags’ to look out for when dating a new partner

There's a brand new set of flags to be wary of

Now, there's no doubt you've heard of 'red flags' and 'beige flags' before but now there's a new set of flags that singletons have to be wary of.

Anyone who has experienced the weird and wonderful world of romance even for a second will know the dating scene can be chaotic at the best of times - and a straight up disaster at the worst.

But, luckily for you, one expert has revealed the 'yellow flags' you need to to look out for when dating a new partner.

I'm sure many of us know some common red flags by now; love-bombing, aggression, ghosting (the list goes on) but what on earth is a yellow flag?

Well, a yellow flag is kind of like a warning sign to help you avoid a red flag altogether before it even happens.

While yellow flags are a lot more subjective in nature, it is still super important to proceed cautiously around them.

Licensed master social worker, Jillian Amodio, told VeryWell that while yellow flags 'might not be deal breakers or major issues', they could be a hint of a much larger problem further down the line.

1) They spend all their time with you

Up first is one that may appear to be a good thing at first - especially at the start of a budding romance.

However, your partner wanting to spend every single ounce of their time by your side may be cause for concern with Laura Wasser, family law expert and chief of divorce evolution at, explaining: "If someone becomes too dependent on their partner, it can be a yellow flag, signalling an unhealthy dynamic that may lead to excessive pressure or an imbalance in the relationship."

Yellow flags could the sign of future problems.
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2) Your partner is unwilling to compromise

Next up is all to do with compromise.

Whether it's figuring out which takeaway to get, what film to see in the cinema or simply who's house you'll be staying at each night - it's important to be able to strike a happy compromise with your partner.

"If one partner is unwilling to compromise or meet the other halfway on important issues, it can be a yellow flag," licensed social worker Pia Johnson notes.

"A healthy relationship requires both partners to be willing to listen and work together to find solutions that work for both."

3) Has no hobbies or interests

Third on the rundown is when your partner doesn't really have a lot going on outside of the relationship.

While it's totally a-okay to not be social butterfly out every night, not having other friendships could possibly suggest something about your partner and their social withdrawal or isolation.

4) They have no friends

Similar to number three, if your partner doesn't seem to be surrounded by a handful or select few mates then it may suggest their inability to maintain healthy long-term relationships.

People should be wary of 'love-bombing' when dating a new partner.
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5) They have a history of failed relationships

Following off of that, someone who seems to be plagued by a string of unsuccessful flings may be evidence that they need to do some work on themselves before you try and 'fix' them.

"Sometimes people are just unlucky in love and sometimes there is a pattern that can be clearly identified in understanding why so many relationships begin to come apart at the seams," Amodio explains.

"Is there a pattern that points to concerning behaviors such as rushing to commit, not being able to commit, controlling behaviours, lying or manipulation, cheating, substance abuse, etc.?"

6) Constantly withholds information

Sixth on the list is the warning sign of when your partner refuses to share any info with you.

Whether that's about their day, family life, work or whatever else - Wasser says it could 'indicate trust or communication issues' that is best to address ASAP.

7) They don't respect boundaries

Now, this is a pretty obvious one but if your partner doesn't adhere to your boundaries, which are totally unique to every different person, then it may be a sign of a wider issues down the road.

Not only that, but it also shows a possible lack of concern and care towards how you feel on their part.

Debt is apparently a major yellow flag, according to experts.
Javier Zayas Photography / Getty Images

8) They aren't close or too close to family members

We may not all have the most functional families in the world, but a lot of people are fairly close with their folks and siblings regardless.

However, if your significant other isn't very close to their family, then there maybe a legitimate reason why, or equally it could raise alarm bells for a bigger problem.

In these cases, it's best to simply clarify the situation with your partner.

But if your beau is crazy close with their family then it may detrimentally impact on your relationship - with some people worried that their partners simply won't have enough time to spread their attention.

9) They have consistent debt

And last but by no means least, the experts explain, is the issue of money.

Anyone who has ever been in debt will know first-hand that it's not the most pleasant things in the world and can affect people in various ways.

However, what may be concerning is how your partner reacts to their situation.

Because of this, it might be worth having an open and honest conversation and directly asking your partner how they ended up there.

As always, such dating flags are all subjective and what may be an issue for some people may not even bother another.

Featured Image Credit: PixelsEffect / Getty Images / Javier Zayas Photography / Getty Images

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