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'Mistletoeing' is the new dating trend that's way more cruel than ghosting

'Mistletoeing' is the new dating trend that's way more cruel than ghosting

Singletons, beware of being 'mistletoed' this Christmas!

Ghosting a potential partner is widely deemed to be the most scandalous crime in the realm of dating.

For those who've been living under a rock (or for the over 50s reading this, sorry, guys) 'ghosting' refers to the act of completely cutting off someone that you once shared a connection with.

That means blocking their number, unfollowing them on social media and never contacting them again - all of which occur totally out of the blue.

Now, I understand there was can be some exceptions to 'ghosting', like if someone you've agreed to go on a date with looks nothing like they do in their Tinder profile.

Or if you've discovered something unforgivable about them, like they once slept with and broke your best friend's heart.

But to call off a romance by simply disappearing from their lives - much like a ghost - instead of giving them a proper explanation is undoubtedly the coward's way out.

'Mistletoeing' is essentially ghosting, but festive.
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Those who've been ghosted before will be more than familiar with the pain and endless questions that are associated with this savage way of calling it quits.

Forever wondering what went wrong. 'Was it something I did?' you repeatedly ask until you drive yourself mad.

Well, for all you singletons out there, I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news...

There's actually a brand new dating term to describe a more savage form of ghosting, in that it happens during the usually-romantic Christmas period.

The term in question? 'Mistletoeing'.

Beware of being 'mistletoed' this year.
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According to relationship expert and founder of the Wingman App Tina Wilson, this can be defined by 'a burst of intense romance which then follows a sudden or unexplained disappearance. Just like kissing under the mistletoe'.





Elaborating on her description, Tina exclusively told Tyla: "When two people inadvertently find themselves beneath the plant, the expectation and initial enthusiasm for passion and a kiss is strong but can be short lived.

"There is no valid reason or explanation for the disappearing act, leaving the mistletoee confused and even hurt."

She continued: "Feelings can be more heightened due to the holiday season and love filling the air all-around.

"Therefore the feelings of rejection can put a real downer on the festivities if you are the victim in this situation."

Not receiving any closure can be difficult to get over.
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And on the subject of brand new Christmas dating terms, Tina also coined the term 'tinselling' to describe when couples attempt to ignore or even conceal the cracks in their relationship during the run up to the holidays.

This is seemingly an apt name for this brutal relationship stage, being that tinsel is often used to cover up gaps or rough patches on a Christmas tree.

"[Couples will] choose to maintain a facade of harmony and togetherness," she said. "All while overlooking unresolved problems in the relationship.

"The name draws inspiration from the shiny, cheerful veneer of tinsel which is used to decorate during the festive season, covering what is beneath."

'Tinselling' describes patching over problems in your relationship.
Getty/Witthaya Prasongsin

Tina said that couples will use tinselling in dating as a 'deliberate distraction' until the New Year rolls around.

Describing January as the period when these unlucky-in-love duos will likely 'need to sit down and chat about their relationship', she adds that a 'break up will be pending as they wish to start the year fresh'.

Get in touch with Tina at or check out the Wingman App - a free dating app that lets your friends play matchmaker.

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