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Woman shares hilarious list of 'universal icks' when dating

Woman shares hilarious list of 'universal icks' when dating

Some of these are so unfair!

An Instagrammer has shared a hilarious list of ‘universal icks’ when dating, having issued a ‘bit of a PSA’ online to find out what others thought.

Everyone has different turn-offs when it comes to dating, whether it’s a dismal taste in fashion or a tendency to be a bit of a know-it-all.

But apparently there are some ‘icks’ that are felt by many - as compiled by Australia’s self-titled 'international woman of mystery' Miss Double Bay, who shared a post about the off-putting traits on Instagram.

Claudia, who is the Sydney-based woman behind the account, told Today: " Look, it wasn't just me. Full credit to the girls for this one. I did a bit of a PSA on my Instagram asking everyone what their universal icks are.

"Look, that's what they came up with. I wouldn't say it's just the Eastern Suburbs. I think it applies to all men."

Claudia spoke about the list on the Today show.
Channel 9

Claudia’s ‘ick list’ featured everything from ’doggy paddling’ and ‘drinking milk’ to

clapping when the plane lands’.

She added: "Look, there is still hope. Many women, they put some of the icks aside just for the sake of love.

"And look, if you are taller than six foot, I think you can get away with a lot of those icks."

She shared the list of 'icks' on Instagram.

Some of the points on the list were Sydney-specific, but others were seriously relatable:

  • Taste testing ice cream with a baby spoon
  • Drinking from a bubbler
  • Getting off a chairlift
  • Waiting for the green man before crossing the road
  • Doggy paddling
  • Running for the bus
  • Wears sockets
  • Wears a backpack in the bar on a Friday night
  • When they can’t find somewhere to put their bag in the overhead locker on a plane
  • Uses emojis during a fight
  • Drinks sippy yoghurt
  • Tries to start a conga line on a night out
  • Sunnies on the back of the neck
  • Saying the word ‘froth’
  • When they have to move to the shade because the sun is too ‘hot’
  • Lycra
  • Orders a takeaway [espresso] shot
  • Lives in Bondi Junction
  • Claps when the plane lands
  • Says ‘what’s the damage’ when the bill comes
  • Has a ‘signature scent’
  • When they bend over to pick up doggy poo
  • Golf is his personality trait
  • Face sunscreen not rubbed in correctly
  • Likes craft beer
  • Brings a speaker to the beach
  • Travels with a soft shell suitcase
  • Rock climbing
  • When his phone’s flash light is on accidentally
  • When they can’t walk on pebble beaches
  • Photos at Burning Man on their dating profile
  • Blowing on food to cool it down
  • Drinks milk
  • Budgie Smugglers with fruit or animals on them - STICK TO THE CLASSICS
  • Goes on cruise for a holiday
  • Drives a Hyundai Getz
  • Only having two pillows
  • Listens to Joe Rogan
  • His favourite ice cream is Hazelnut
  • Whispering
  • Get [bircher] muesli at the café instead of eggs
  • The name Alan
  • Losing their footing on the bus, resulting in quick steps
  • Applying lip balm
  • Still uses a Hotmail address
  • Introduces themselves as an ‘entrepreneur’
  • Drinking from a straw
  • Anyone that went to Sydney Uni College
  • Standing there naked waiting for the shower to get hot
  • Talking about their gap year after the age of 21
  • Running with a backpack on
  • His favourite artist is John Mayer

Okay, some points are a little unfair - finding shade if it’s a hot day and waiting for the green man before crossing the road are surely just sensible?!

However, it’s hard to feel on board with Lycra, while clapping when the plane lands never feels okay...

Featured Image Credit: Nine/Today Show/Instagram/@missdoublebay

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