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Woman sparks debate after she says men who use straws to drink 'give her the ick'

Woman sparks debate after she says men who use straws to drink 'give her the ick'

Forget bad table manners or rude comments to service staff, drinking through straws are now an 'ick' according to one woman on TikTok.

In today’s dating world, everyone has their own list of ‘icks’ that are an instant turn-off when searching for a partner.

This very technical dating term refers to when you feel intuitively put off and maybe even slightly grossed out by the idea of being even remotely intimate with someone because of something they do.

Icks can be big or small things, with some common ones including being rude to service staff, poor hygiene or dirty fingernails.

One woman on social media revealed her ick that would instantly rule out a guy and it’s all to do with a simple utensil.

Georgia Costello, a 25-year-old bikini designer, confessed on TikTok that a guy would lose his ‘10 out of 10’ status if she saw him using a straw.

Usually when we see people directing anger towards straws, its because the plastic ones we all used to drink from are terrible for the environment.

However, conservation is seemingly not the issue for Georgia - as she believes that straws are women only.

“He's a 10 out of a 10 but when you go for drinks with him and there's a straw in his drink... Those are for us (women).

"Put that away. Those are for us. Not for you. Don't care what you say,' she says while facepalming, rolling her eyes and pointing at the camera.

Georgia explained why she thinks men drinking through straws is an 'ick'.

The viral video now has just under 950,000 views after it was uploaded a week ago and over 76,000 likes.

And it has created quite the debate on TikTok, with some people coming out to defend their usage of straws because ice makes their teeth hurt or due to the lack of cleanliness at some restaurants.

Lots of men were understandably outraged that their drinking method of choice had been put in the firing line by Georgia.

Men should avoid drinking through straws apparently.

One man started a ‘straw gang’ in the comments by sharing a call to action.

“Where’s my straw gang at?” he posted with the nail polish emoji.

“What!? We can’t use straws now,” another complained.


A fourth commenter joked: “I actually pour the drink onto my head and let it drip to my mouth.”

However, some viewers could see where Georgia was coming from.

"I knew I realllly loved my man when he uses a straw every time & I actually don't get icked out." one woman said.

Another posted that they 'have not used a straw' since their dad said 'nobody can look cool drinking out of a straw'.

A third responded: "I'VE BEEN SAYING THIS," while a fourth said: "Facts honestly."

Tyla has contacted Georgia for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@strawberrymilkmob/Elena Pejchinova/Getty Images

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