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Relationship expert issues urgent warning over new 'thawing' dating trend that could ruin your Valentine's Day

Relationship expert issues urgent warning over new 'thawing' dating trend that could ruin your Valentine's Day

It may happen to you...

It's finally the day of love and I'm sure many couples out there are looking forward to fancy dinners out, wholesome nights in and a whole load of heart-shaped choccies.

However, it's not all roses and teddy-bears as there's one thing both couples and singletons should be wary of this Valentine's Day.

OK, so we know all about submarining, breadcrumbing and even getting 'zombied' but it seems we now have a whole lot more on our hands than simply getting 'vultured' or even getting stuck in the dreaded 'Ben stage' as one relationship expert has since issued an urgent warning over the new 'thawing' dating trend that could ruin your February 14th.

Nicky Wake, a relationship expert and founder of Chapter 2, has shared her insight into the devilish 'thawing' trend and exactly what to do if you happen to fall victim to it today.

She explained: "Thawing is trend that happens on Valentine’s Day as some people look to their past to rekindle an old connection before the romantic season.

"This could be any action from, a 'Hey, how have you been?' text, or liking their posts on social media in the hopes to spark an interaction."

Sound familiar?

Well you, my friend, may have been 'thawed'.

Be wary of the 'How you been?' text this Valentine's Day.
Finn Hafemann / Getty Images

If that is the case then don't fret as the love guru offered some advice on how to navigate the situ.

"If the breakup was amicable and both of you have had time to reflect and grow, reaching out might be a reasonable idea," Nicky revealed.

However, she added, if the break-up was down to 'serious issues' or if 'unresolved conflicts' remain, then it may be better to take some time to really 'evaluate' the situation before making contact.

Nicky highlighted: "There is no saying if it’s a good idea or not, but you need to evaluate your own personal situation and consider the consequences of starting the conversation with your ex again."

Ask yourself whether you're actually genuinely interested in reconnecting or if you're just feeling a little lonesome around Valentine's Day.

Your ex may not be interested in rekindling the relationship and could just be feeling lonely on Valentine's Day.
Photographer, Basak Gurbuz Derman / Getty Images

The expert recommends being 'honest with yourself about your intentions', adding: "If you don’t have the capacity for something serious, communicate that with your ex to avoid giving them false hope for a committed relationship and future."

Nicky also warns of being prepared for 'various outcomes' including the possibility that your ex may not be interested in rekindling the relationship.

"Understand that people change, and circumstances may be different since the breakup," she noted. "It's essential to be cautious and considerate when reaching out to an ex."

So, if you're in doubt about the whole thing then it's probably best to get a second opinion either from a friend, family member or therapist who can provide an objective perspective on your situation.

Nicky concluded: "Ultimately, the decision should align with your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of the other person involved."

Featured Image Credit: The Good Brigade/Basak Gurbuz Derman/Getty Images

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