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Woman left disgusted after date wet the bed and then never cleaned it up

Woman left disgusted after date wet the bed and then never cleaned it up

This story is not for the faint-hearted...

Anyone single out there will tell you that navigating the dating climate right now can sometimes be way more weird than wonderful.

As if submarining, bread-crumbing and even getting 'zombied' wasn't bad enough, it seems we now have to worry about cleaning up after our romantic partners too - and I'm not talking about doing the dishes.

The latest ordeal sees one Aussie woman left absolutely disgusted after her date wet the bed and then never cleaned it up. Check it out:

The anonymous woman opened up about the bizarre situation on a call during The Hook Up Podcast with Dee Salmin and Pip Rasmussen.

She began: "A guy that I was sleeping with, only for a couple of weeks, p*ssed in my bed one night when I was there."

Already off a good start there.

You'd think that, for most people, accidentally wetting yourself in your love interest's own bed was mortifying enough and warranted some major apologies on top of a top-notch dry-cleaning service - or at least a set of replacement bed sheets.

However, this bloke clearly seemed to think otherwise.

According to the woman, he 'didn't clean up after himself', and to make matters even worse, totally 'expected' his date to sort it all out for him.

Big yikes.

Not only did the man wet the woman's bed, but he also 'expected' her to clean it for him.

The woman, for whatever reason, then agreed to go out for coffee with him after the whole ordeal.

Now, the absolutely least this bloke could do was fork out a couple of quid and buy the woman a cup of joe as some sort of compensation, but no - he let her pay for her own coffee.

"Not even an apology, an apology coffee - nothing like that," the woman went on.

She continued: "So, I had to spend the whole day cleaning up the p*ssy sheets and it wasn't even my p*ss."

Somehow, even after all that, the man was under the impression he and the woman were 'just going to continue sleeping together'.

The woman then revealed: "Then, when I kind of tried to let him go and say that it was a bit disrespectful that I had to clean up after him, he told me that I was disrespectful!

"And I was like, 'Bro, you p*ssed in my bed!"

Clearly shocked by the whole ordeal, Dee then asked: "What! On what claim did he try to say that you were disrespectful?"

Ironically, the bloke claimed the woman had been the 'disrespectful' one in the situation.

"Because I sent a text message and he said it was disrespectful that I didn't call him to have the conversation," the woman replied.

Unsurprisingly, both Dee and Pip echoed: "Wow..."

And it wasn't just the podcast hosts who were stunned by the anecdote as many other social media users rushed in to share their reactions to the shocking story.

One Instagram user claimed: "The bar for men is so low and yet so many still have trouble clearing it."

A second asked: "Bro how do you even go for coffee afterwards? P*ssing in the bed without a medical reason is where I draw the line lmao what a story."


"People have zero accountability for their own lives," hit out a third before confessing: "She’s nicer than me. I would have instantly blocked his number."

How would you have handled the situation?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@triplejthehookup

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