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Mum defends marriage after meeting husband when he was a teenager and she was nearly 40

Mum defends marriage after meeting husband when he was a teenager and she was nearly 40

She opened up about the age-gap relationship

One mum has defended her marriage after meeting her husband when he was just a teenager and she was nearly 40.

The woman, 47-year-old Deanna Boomer, fell in love with her with her friend's nephew Steven – who is three years younger than her own son.

Deanna, who is older than Steven's own mum, met her husband eight years ago and the pair have since celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary and share a four-year-old child together.

The mum defended her age-gap relationship.

Steven is also stepdad to Deanna’s four kids from a previous relationship, aged 13, 17, 25 and 31 years old.

Opening up about the initial backlash they faced from friends and family because of their age gap, Steven explained: "The beginning of the relationship was the hardest but now it’s much easier; as the people who see us for who we are, know we’re meant to be together."

Deanna claimed her friends 'didn’t really care' and even revealed: "In fact, one of my friends was also talking to him before me, so she couldn’t really say anything, but they could see how happy I was, whereas Steven’s family were more annoyed."

Plumber Steven added: "My mother didn’t like it very much; Deanna is just a few months older than her, so she found that a little strange.

Steven revealed he lost 'a lot of friends' when he first started a relationship with Deanna.

"I had comments from my family saying that I was just a kid, and I wouldn’t understand what it was like to raise a whole family as obviously, Deanna had kids before me, one being older than me, but that doesn’t matter now as I have a great relationship with them all."

Unfortunately for Steven, however, he ended up losing 'a lot of friends' following his relationship with Deanna.

He explained: "They were all young at the time too, so they wanted to go out have fun, party, and enjoy themselves but now, they have all settled down and had kids of their own, they’re starting to see what it is like, but my family are now starting to accept the relationship and I have developed a great relationship with Deanna’s children."

The pair first met when Deanna, who was close friends with Steven's auntie, started hanging out with him at his car club at his high school.

The mother-of-five would take her Jeep to Steven’s car club and take him and his friends off-roading while getting to know the 19-year-old at the time.

"Me and my friends all had a car club in high school," Steven recalled, "and Deanna had a jeep and so she would always come to our meet-ups and stuff and then we’d all go off-roading.

"Then one day, she just kind of hit me up and asked if we wanted to go to the bar and hang out and that’s where it led."

The couple got to know each other then Deanna, a stay-at-home mum at the time, was going through a divorce from her ex-husband of 22 years due to a relationship breakdown.

Following the divorce, Deanna and her children moved into an apartment and asked her now husband to move in with her to help with the rent and the rest was history.

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