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Woman reveals she went on 164 first dates within two years

Woman reveals she went on 164 first dates within two years

A Redditor has revealed she went on 446 dates before eventually meeting her husband

With cuffing season officially in full swing, this time of year can be difficult for som love-hungry singletons.

Not having anyone to match Christmas pyjamas or watch Love, Actually with can be difficult to endure - we've all been there!

But one lonely heart previously refused to let the winter season stop her from putting herself out there and into the world of romance.

In fact, the social media star has revealed she's in fact been on a staggering 164 first dates (yes, you read that right; one hundred and sixty-four), over the period of two years, until she eventually fell upon her now-husband.

The mystery woman - who goes by the sultry username @stringaroundmyfinger on Reddit - even admitted she kept a track of all her potential partners on a very detailed spreadsheet, so she could monitor who she felt a connection with and who she'd be ghosting.

We love an organised queen.

"After spending my entire 20s in two long-term relationships that didn’t pan out, I (then 30F) turned to dating apps in search of the real deal," she admitted on the story-sharing social media app.

She was sick of using dating apps.
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"I gave it 150% effort and treated it like a job. It was a two-year whirlwind of love, lust, disappointment, hope, frustration, insecurity, confidence, and general exhaustion."

She added: "Thankfully, first date #164 eventually became my husband.

"I also happened to meticulously track every date, so I have definitely nerded out over the descriptive statistics. AMA about the dating blitz or my weird tracking habits."

Naturally, thousands of questions from fellow singletons began flooding in to the post's comment section, with many asking what exactly she listed about each date in her spreadsheet.

"First name. Last name. Platform we met on," she replied. "Whether I went on one date, two dates, three dates, or more (to see the drop off rate).

She kept a track of her dating history on a spreadsheet.
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"How many total dates we went on. Did I kiss them? Did we hook up? Had they been to my place? Did I go to theirs?

"Did they ask for a second date (whether or not I accepted)? Date of first date. Date of last date. Job. What we did for our first date.

"Was I excited for the first date? Did they meet/surpass my expectations as I left the date?"

She also disclosed some of her dating statistics, revealing that, of the 164 dates she attended, 107 of them (64%) invited her onto a second date.

Of these 107 keen daters, she added that only went out again with 50 of them (30%), saw 34 of them for a third time (21%), and went on 4+ dates with only 24 of them (15%).

She went on 446 dates before meeting her husband.
Getty Images/Tim Robberts

"I went on 446 dates total until I met my now husband," she explained. "I kissed 48 of the guys. I went into 49 dates (30%) feeling notably excited or hopeful.

"Sunday was my most common day for dates. The most I ever did in a day was 4. The highest number of first dates I went on in a given month was 22. (Looking back, I am SO tired just thinking about that.)," she added.

Going on to admit she 'did the dirty' with 19 lucky daters, she also revealed what her biggest deal break was amongst the men she went out with.

"Among the guys I didn’t get past a first date with, it usually came down to my indifference (or both of ours)," the Reddit bombshell explained.

"It wasn’t that we had a terrible time — but there was nothing exciting or intriguing that made me want to spend more time with that person.

"For better or worse, the never ending pool in dating apps trains you to move on fast with that way of thinking."

She continued: "Among the guys I did get more serious with (anywhere from 12-41 dates), some ended up being noncommittal and others eventually gave me the ick."

Lastly, she dosed out some dating top tips, including not to 'get stuck texting back and fourth forever', to 'ask questions', to 'be aware of your body language'.

She also encouraged 'shorter first dates' and a 'mix of fun topics', as well as emphasised the importance of 'reading the room'.

That doesn't sound exhausting at all... good luck out there!

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