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Woman left stunned after date asks for money for parking and 'never comes back'

Woman left stunned after date asks for money for parking and 'never comes back'

Mumsnet users have been talking about their worst first dates

With Valentines Day just around the corner, it's expected that many singletons will dole out a bit of extra cash to secure themselves a date.

However, according to some Mumsnet users, some eligible bachelors are a little tight-pocketed - and are not shy about their reluctance to spend.

Users on the parenting platform were discussing their worst first date experiences and comparing their disastrous encounters, with one woman revealing that a bloke asked for her money to park his van - only to never return.


The user, who explained her date had arranged to meet her date at a seaside town car park, wrote: "He pulled up in a camper van and said 'Jump in I know a lovely beach nearby'."

Since the plan had been to walk around the town together to find a cafe, the woman refused, at which point her date asked for some cash to pay for parking.

However, after handing over the cash, the woman was left dateless as the bloke never returned. He reportedly texted her later on to say he had been offended by her refusal to go for a drive, before asking for a second date. Yikes.

Other Mumsnet users chimed in with their first date horror stories.


Another user explained that money was also an issue on her date, but only because the man she met wouldn't stop talking about it.

The anonymous poster claimed that her date would ramble on about financial topics like 'how much he earned, how much his house cost, his investments and how much the round of drinks he just bought us came to'.

And if it wasn't money, other odd topics were on the agenda, as he reportedly asked: "If you could be any chocolate bar, what would you be and why?"


Meanwhile, one woman revealed she had shown up to her date's house with a bottle of wine, having been promised a nice meal.

However, once her date placed her plate down in front of her, she realised she had set her expectations too high.

With chicken kievs, oven chips and spaghetti in front of her, the user wrote: "I thought he was taking the p*ss at first but he was being dead serious and thought he’d done a grand job."

Another dater had no reason to be lost for words - as her date wasn't able to come up with any.

The woman, who was on a blind double date, claims that the man she was paired with didn't 'say a word to her' all evening - even while the group bowled, dined and watched a movie.

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