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Woman admits men ghost her when they find out she's a 36-year-old virgin

Woman admits men ghost her when they find out she's a 36-year-old virgin

Sonali Chandra doesn't want to 'give her body to any man'

A 36-year-old woman has said men often ghost her when they find out she’s still a virgin, saying she's still holding out for 'the one'.

Sonali Chandra is an American business manager and stand-up comedian who considers sex as ‘sacred and special’ - and often uses her ‘prudish’ stance in her comedy routines.

After being raised in a conservative household, where she was taught that it was something that was only supposed to happen among married couples.

Fast forward to today, and she’s not only still a virgin, but has also only ever kissed five men.

While she’s clear about what she wants from a relationship, Chandra has found that other people aren’t always so accepting – with even her own family now calling on her to ‘just do it already’.

“I have decided to save myself for my special man because I believe that sex – which I don’t call sex, by the way; I call it making love – it's a very special and sacred act,” she told Truly TV.

“And I can’t just give my body to any man.

“It’s hard to date as a virgin, but on the flipside, I don’t have to worry about a UTI, an STD or an accidental pregnancy, so I’m protected! And, you know, prevention is better than cure...”

Despite being ghosted in the past, Sonali Chandra is proud about being a 36-year-old virgin.
Tamron Hall Show/Disney

On her 27th birthday, Chandra was left wondering if her boyfriend was going to message her, but it eventually doomed on her that she’d been ghosted after they spoke about her being a virgin.

She continued: “The first time I ever told a guy that I'm still a virgin was when I was 26.

“The guy who was my first kiss, my first actual relationship, he was shocked. His jaw dropped and he asked if I was gonna be a virgin for eternity.”

She added: “Whenever these guys have ghosted me I have gone through emotional hell. It's heart-wrenching and makes me think that guys only think I'm good for sex.”

In a previous interview with the Daily Star, Chandra said she wouldn’t make love until she has a ‘ring from the one’.

“As for ‘the one’, I am looking for a chivalrous gentleman who is moral and ethical, handsome, ambitious, health-oriented, and will treat me like a Queen,” she said.

“I want what Priyanka Chopra has with Nick Jonas.”

Chandra often speaks about her lifestyle in her comedy routines.
Tamron Hall Show/Disney

Chandra said her ‘strict upbringing’ has had a ‘profound impact’ on her dating life, having not been allowed to socialise or date when she was younger.

“Dating is a life skill, and I was forbidden from developing that skill in my teenage and college years,” she said.

“Fast forward to the present day, at age 35, I still have no clue how to date! As an adult, I have always been terrified that I’ll meet a predator if I meet with a stranger.

“Instead, I spend every weeknight exercising so I don’t feel lonely and I spend Saturday and Sunday nights alone in my studio apartment, which is very depressing, I go to sleep by 8pm to numb my emotional pain.”

When the men she’s dating find out she’s a virgin and won’t be having sex with them, they tend to go AWOL.

“I have only ‘dated’ nine men – including three serious relationships – and all nine men were jerks when they found out about my virginity,” Chandra added.

“Since I have become a public figure, boatloads of men have contacted me. They all have professed their love for me and want to marry me – without ever having met me!”

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