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People furious after men share their biggest icks about women

People furious after men share their biggest icks about women

Ottie Clarke and Jake Craig spoke about their 'icks' including fake nails.

Two Australian men have outraged the internet by sharing what they find unattractive in women.

The two men who have a podcast - which should tell you all you need to know about them - spoke about modern dating from a male perspective.

The Aussie duo Ottie Clarke and Jake Craig present the show Relatable69 which descended into chaos when they started talking about the biggest dating topic on social media - icks.

The modern dating term is used to describe very specific things that annoy them about other people when it comes to looking for a partner, which can include being rude to waiters to have bad teeth or smelling bad.

Ottie and Jake decided to jump on the trend and posted all the unattractive things in women, including ‘squealing’ when they’re excited to see their friends as well as fake-tanning.

“When you can see that line on their chin because they didn’t do their face,” Jake complained.

However, Ottie disagreed and replied that the fake tan faux pas was more ‘funny’ than a reason to be turned off.

Jake Craig shared his icks about women.

But with that said, the pair were mostly in agreement on the stuff they found unattractive. Such as women who wear false nails because of the ‘colicky noise’ they make when typing.

Apparently, posting tributes to your parents on social media can also be considered an ick according to the two guys.

“When they post a photo of their dad on Father’s Day or their dad’s birthday, and their dad doesn’t even have Instagram,” Jake complained.

The guys are not fans of the noises acrylic nails make.

“Even if their mum for Mother’s Day - they’re not going to see this, why are you posting it? There’s no benefit at all.”

Although, Ottie said that if the ‘mum is hot’ an exception can be made.

Jake continued: “True - you can see what the girl will look like when she’s older and you can decide whether you want to keep following her.”

How charming.

Ottie said that if the ‘mum is hot’ an exception can be made if a girl posts her mum on Instagram.

Obviously, the pair found this rather outdated thought something to giggle over.

And their list didn’t end there, as Ottie shared how seeing women walk around in dirty shoes would be enough to turn him off.

“Dirty Converses or dirty white air-forces,” he declared, before adding that a dirty shoe was a sign that she ‘has been around’ adding that he meant ‘walking around’.

One woman simply replied to the viral clip: “I don’t think they know what icks are?”

In a cheeky reference to all the men with podcasts these days, someone else said their own ick is: “When he has a podcast”

While a third woman complained: “So I’m not allowed to talk about how much I love my dad just because he doesn’t have social media?”

And someone else quipped: “When they talk about icks.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@relatables69/Instagram/@kyliejenner

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