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Woman praised after charging husband $250 a month for ‘cleaning service’

Woman praised after charging husband $250 a month for ‘cleaning service’

The woman posted the TikTok video with an underlying message to other women

A woman has revealed how she charges her husband a 'cleaning fee' every month, which she pockets and spends on herself seeing as she's the one to do most of the cleaning in their house.

But her video has an underlying message, and it's safe to say that people have been left in awe.

TikToker @themamabrianna took to the social media app earlier this month to share her potentially life-changing tip, which started with a timelapse video of her cleaning her kitchen.

Along with the caption: "anyone got an expensive hobby recommendation?", she wrote in the video: "On the first of every month, $250 comes out of my husband’s bank account.

"It’s for our house cleaner. The house gets deep cleaned on the first of every month."

She went on to explain how when she was pregnant with their child a few years ago, she had asked her husband for a cleaner due to her 'vomiting 10 times a day while also caring for our one-year-old'.

"At the time, my husband said it wasn't in our budget. But a few months ago, he asked if I still wanted to have a regular house cleaner."

Of course, she agreed.

The woman explained how she charges her husband $250 a month for her cleaning services - but he doesn't have a clue it's actually her.

"I told him I'd get it all set up," she explained, "And that I just needed $250 cash monthly to pay her."

But she decided to refrain from telling her husband that she'd be the cleaner and ever since he agreed, she's been pocketing the monthly $250 after deep cleaning the house - as a cleaner would have been doing.

"I think I'll use that cash to find myself a new, expensive hobby... my husband doesn't seem to mind those," she then added.

But at the end of the video, she included: "If you feel the need to hide money from your partner in order to plan your escape, check the resource in my bio," alongside a link to the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

The mum's video quickly went viral, garnering over 6.7 million views and lots of praise for her clever tactic.

"I knew there was a reason I was seeing this video. As a survivor thank you for getting this message out," one follower wrote.

She provided a resource for those who may be suffering at the hands of domestic violence.

And another said: "I didn’t realise how privileged my world view was until my first thought was: ‘She’s saving to gift him something big,’ not 'She needs out'."

While a third pointed out: “Sad how I immediately knew it was for a way out. I say the cleaner raises prices to $500 monthly starting this month.”

Others even suggested tips of their own to those suffering at the hands of domestic violence, with one saying: “Buy groceries and get cash back.

"Buy stuff and return for cash or gift cards. Those gift cards will come in handy for groceries or house items later.”

If you have been affected by any of the issues in this article and wish to speak to someone in confidence, call Refuge’s National Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0808 2000 247 or visit their website here. In an emergency always dial 999

Featured Image Credit: @themamabrianna/TikTok

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