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Mum issues warning to parents after allowing 10-year-old daughter to get acrylic nails

Mum issues warning to parents after allowing 10-year-old daughter to get acrylic nails

The nail fiasco soon became a nightmare

For a lot of young girls, acrylic nails are a chance to feel glamorous and grown up.

But for one 10-year-old, they became a nightmare.

The girl's mother has spoken out and warned other parents not to let their daughters get them either.

Taking to TikTok, she shared a snapshot of her daughter's nail extensions, which had snapped and left her fingers bloody.

The mum warned: "Don't let your 10-year-old daughter have acrylic, long nails because this is what happens.

"And now she can't get it off and she's crying in pain - ripped her nail off."


In the caption, she further explained: "I let my 10 year old have acrylic nails, very long too!!

"Snapped her nail underneath too."

When a commenter expressed her sympathies, the mum responded: "She's been crying a lot."


Acrylic nails are not advised for young girls.

In a follow-up video, she revealed that the rip had occurred when her daughter trapped them in a door.

Getting your fingers trapped in the door is extremely painful at the best of times.

But this was particularly bad, as the nails ended up getting infected.

The mum lamented: "So she needs to be on antibiotics, yet again.

"She won't be having them again."

Many TikTok viewers slammed her for allowing her daughter to get her nails done.

One wrote: "Your own fault for allowing a 10-year-old to wear acrylic nails.

"Lesson learnt."

The mum shot back: "She wanted them begged for them I finally agreed and warned her about having them long etc.

"You’ll find it’s lesson learned for her, she never wants them again."

Another viewer remarked: "She's took you for a right mug," whilst a fellow critic commented: "She shouldn't be having them [because] her nails are fragile as it is."

The nails became infected and caused the girl a lot of pain.

However, some people came to the mum's defence.

One sympathetic TikToker wrote: "My daughter started having her nails done at 10 - she has them done every school holidays.

"Why is there so much negative comment in here? She's a girl for goodness sake."

A nail tech in the comments section wrote: "Because (I’m a nail tech) they aren’t suitable for children and insurance doesn’t cover them.

"They are made from chemicals."

Experts have previously warned parents to steer clear of artificial nails and give their daughters nail varnish.

Nora Nugent, consultant plastic surgeon at Queen Victoria Hospital, said: "Repairing a damaged nailbed when the nail has been traumatically removed requires a surgical procedure.

"Once the nail bed has been repaired and any nail remnants removed, the patient has to have a dressing in place for two weeks to help maximise the chances of a new nail growing successfully, but there are no guarantees."

This warning came after the hospital saw an increase in girls coming in with damaged nails.

A lot of the damage had been sustained while playing or after slamming the nail in a door.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@itsmebadmom

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