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Woman says women shouldn't talk to partners about their feelings because it turns men off

Woman says women shouldn't talk to partners about their feelings because it turns men off

The woman has warned another women to keep certain things private from their partners

There's a whole bunch of dating tips and tricks out there right now all seemingly sending us in different directions.

From putting your partner on a performance improvement plan to including your credit rating on your Hinge profile, there are plenty of bizarre dating hacks to choose from.

However, clothing brand owner Georgia Costello may just have come up with the most controversial tip yet.

Taking to the social media platform, Georgia took it upon herself to map out three key things she claims men hate in their romantic and sexual partners.

The woman identified three main things men allegedly don't want from their partners.

"Okay," she begins, "this is my list of three things that men don't want you doing."

Number one, she explains, is that men don't want you to tell them 'how you feel'.

She says: "Have you ever heard of something called a mystery?

"Let's keep it a mystery. See how it works out."

The advice seemingly goes against everything relationship therapists and dating experts promote - open and honest channels of communication.

Instead, according to Georgia, women should just keep a lid on any major feelings that may crop up in the relationship.

"Let's keep it a mystery. See how it works out."

"Number two," Georgia continues, "You really want to scare them off? Call them bud.

"Oh, they're going to shiver in their underwear - they hate it."

Then, for the third and final pointer, Georgia tells women they need to get their wax and razors out - with 'hairy legs' being the final turn-off.

The short clip has since gone viral with nearly 40,000 likes and a whole avalanche of comments from people eager to share their opinions on the controversial dating advice.

Many seemingly agreed on the devastating effects of being called 'bud' by a potential romantic partner.

One TikTok user wrote: "The bud comment - most accurate on the list by far."

"If a girl calls me bud I’m never talking to them again," a second agreed.

Warning viewers against the first point, a third advised: "Always know your girl's feelings, you gotta talk about them to keep a strong relationship."


While some took issues with the first piece of advice regarding speaking up about your feelings, others, however, clearly took the advice on board: "Three things added to my to-do list, thank you!!"

Another admitted: "I think I want to subscribe to your life coach lessons!"

Speaking from experience, a final viewer revealed: "I’ve told all of my friends countless times to never tell a man how they feel. And they never listen. And it always ends with him leaving."

Regardless, it's fair to say the claims were definitely bold.

Featured Image Credit: @Strawberrymilkmob / TikTok / @Strawberrymilkmob / Instagram

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