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Psychopath explains how sex is different for fellow psychopaths

Psychopath explains how sex is different for fellow psychopaths

It may come as a surprise to some...

A psychopath has explained a major reason why sex is different for fellow psychopaths.

Sex. It's one of those things many of us are fascinated by let slightly embarrassed to delve into.

From bizarre fetishes and messy moments to how long we should 'last' in the sack and tips to get the most out of the experience - sex can be pretty high up in people's day-to-day thoughts.

While every single person has sex in a way that is completely unique to them and their partner, there are some commonalities shared between people when it comes to getting down and dirty, however, not everyone shares such traits.

Clinically-diagnosed psychopath, Lewis Raymond Taylor, opened up about how sex is different for fellow psychopaths.
The Psychopath Life Coach

Now, it is generally accepted that 1 in 22 people are psychopaths, according recent studies.

While we've now covered the warning signs you're dating a psychopath and the signs that you yourself may be one - many will be curious as to the main difference with how psychopaths or people with psychopathic tendencies do the rumpy pumpy.

Tyla sat down with clinically-diagnosed psychopath, Lewis Raymond Taylor, who is now at the centre of a brand-new chilling Netflix documentary chronicling his life.

The film goes into detail of Lewis' extremely tumultuous childhood which was tainted by mental illness, sexual abuse, and profound trauma.

By his early 20s, Lewis already received multiple prison sentences for grave offences like Grievous Bodily Harm, but later decided to turn his life around and set up a $25 million (around £20 million) life coaching business and global community spanning 85 countries.

The 32-year-old has since peeled back the mask on psychopathy and has revealed how sex is different for fellow psychopaths.

Lewis says psychopaths are 'less feely and more stimulatory'.
RealPeopleGroup / Getty Images

The CEO explained to Tyla: "Psychopaths want to feel. They want to have a human experience.

"So anger is the only kind of way they get to have that - that and sex actually, interestingly."

Lewis continued: "Another interesting thing about psychopaths, I can identify with this one, [is] we're less feely and more stimulatory."

He highlighted that it is the things that could 'stimulate' psychopaths which is what 'drives' them.

"Business, success, fame, sex - all these things that are going to give us a sense of power is what drives us forward, rather than what makes us feel nice," Lewis added, "That's predominantly the difference, I think."

The business mogul says that 'most people are looking for 'inner peace and fulfilment'.

"Not to say that a psychopath wouldn't want that, but they are unable to have it," he goes on. "So therefore, because they can't have it, they're like, 'Well, what can I have?'"

The Psychopath Life Coach premiered on Netflix this week (22 November).
The Psychopath Life Coach

Explaining the inner workings of a psychopath's mind, he said they think along the lines of: "Ah! This gives me a buzz - this business, this success - I'm going to go for that. And wow, I'm having sex! At least that's such an intense sensation, that it's the closest I'm ever going to get [to feeling]."

Now, while all this is very interesting, it's important to note that Lewis is making a generalisation about psychopaths and, of course, every single case is different.

Just like Lewis, there are psychopaths and people who have psychopathic tendencies who do not exhibit such traits or act in these ways.

The Psychopath Life Coach premiered on Netflix on Wednesday (22 November) and is currently available to stream on the platform.

Featured Image Credit: Supplied/Witthaya Prasongsin/Getty Images

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