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Woman shocked after discovering husband cheated on her with her mum

Woman shocked after discovering husband cheated on her with her mum

Talk about keeping it in the family...

We all know that family dynamics can be a tad chaotic from time to time, but one mother-daughter duo really took to the idea of dysfunctional families to a whole new level.

American woman, Katherine from Idaho, was well and truly shocked after discovering her husband cheated on her with her own mum.

Katherine, who goes by the handle @katenacious online, took to TikTok to share the spine-chilling saga with her 69.1k followers.

Idaho mum-of-two left horrified after finding out her husband and mum were having an affair.

The mum-of-two revealed that just about every member of her family somewhat knew about the affair before she did and betrayed her in some sense before her grandmother finally told her about it,

Katherine has posted several videos chronicling the situation with the first clip on the series being a picture of Katherine and her alleged ex husband with the overlay text: "I heard we were exposing our husband’s mistress."

The TikTok then cut to a second image of Katherine's mum with the text answering: "My mother."

Katherine took to TikTok to share a series of explanations about the ordeal.

It has gone viral after clocking up more than 12.4M views, one million likes and dozens of thousands of comments from people eager to share their reactions to the bombshell revelation.

One TikTok user penned: "Please, I pray this isn’t true. How can a mother do this to HER child?!?"

A second wondered: "How can mothers do that to their daughters?! Sending you virtual hugs girl!"

"Story time! Story time! STORY TIME!!!!!" demanded a third.

Luckily, Katherine obliged and has since posted a lengthy four-part reveal about how she found out her husband was having an affair with her mother.

The woman opened up about the moment she made the bombshell discovery.

In one of the TikToks, Katherine revealed their affair lasted 'roughly four months' before she finally 'caught them red-handed'.

Back in February of last year, when their twin daughters were still babies, Katherine video called her husband in the evening to ask when he'd be back from his shift as a food delivery driver.

The husband was sat in his car and told Katherine he was in a different city to the one they lived in, however, she noticed this was not the case as she recognised the buildings in the background of the video call

She recalled: "All of a sudden, I heard a woman’s voice.

"He turned over to his passenger seat as if listening to that voice speaking."

Katherine then asked who was in the car with him at which point he hung up.

"My heart was just beating out of my chest," she went on. "I took a few minutes to have a panic attack and cry, and process that I think I’m right."


"At this point, I’m 99% sure it’s my mum," she continued. "I just had this gut feeling."

Katherine tried to call her husband back a few more times at which point he 'gaslit' her and told her she was 'crazy'.

Immediately, Katherine decided to call up her sister who was staying with their mum at the time to check if the mum was in and - surprise, surprise - she wasn't.

The sister effectively confirmed Katherine's worst nightmare after revealing her husband swung by he home earlier that evening to pick up their mum but pleaded with the sister to keep schtum.

She then called up her dad who seemed to also be somewhat in the know and the family had a big old intervention about the situation, resulting in Katherine packing her bags and leaving the home with her two kids.

And as if things couldn't get any worse - Katherine's mum took her departure from the house as an invitation to move in.

"They continued to play house until I served my husband with divorce papers," Katherine added.

She went on: "My husband and my mother were conspiring about how they could get married. Therefore making my mother, my childrens' step-mum and my children, my step-sisters."

In a turn of events, Katherine's ex husband eventually 'got bored' with his mistress and booted her out the house, at which point she 'went crawling back' to Katherine's dad, who oddly enough 'welcomed her with open arms'.

She concluded: "To this day, my parents act like the affair never happened.

"In their words, the affair never would have happened if I wasn’t such a 'horrible daughter' and 'horrible wife'."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@katenacious

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