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Married At First Sight UK star Jordan accused of cheating on wife Erica during explosive reunion

Married At First Sight UK star Jordan accused of cheating on wife Erica during explosive reunion

Jordan has denied accusations, but Erica is fuming

Married At First Sight UK viewers are to witness the explosive argument to end all marital disputes during tonight's grand finale, following the longest series yet.

After 36 drama-fuelled episodes, the entire group will tonight come together for the first time since the MAFSUK experiment ended.

Some couples dropped out of the love-test early and some opted to stick-out married life until they simply couldn't bare each other any more.

And as well as discovering exactly which few stars received their happily ever after during tonight's instalment (Wednesday 15 November), there'll also witness an extremely heated row between 'spouses' Jordan Gayle and Erica Roberts.

Jordan, 26, is set to be sensationally accused by wife Erica, 25, of cheating on her during the cast's reunion dinner party.

In a jaw-dropping sneak peek trailer, personal trainer Jordan is accused of kissing another woman, with co-star Thomas Kriaras bringing the scandal up in. conversation.

"Was it the blonde or brunette that Jordan kissed?", Thomas candidly asks, leaving Erica understandably fuming.

The pair will become embroiled in a huge argument.

The dating experts are left equally shocked, audibly gasping in shock as they watch on, before Jordan hits back at the claims and storms off.

"No she didn't kiss me before that," he shouts. "That's what I mean!"

Looking at a phone, Erica then kicks off: "So there is a photo Jordan, and you've got your arm around her like a f*****g d******d!"

Their co-star Luke Worley – who was axed from the show after a physical altercation with Jordan – had also claimed his arch rival cheated on Erica in a nightclub.

And the Daily Mail later also released a photo of Jordan in the back of a taxi with another woman, with his arm around her.

However, Jordan has since responded to the cheating claims, saying in a statement to the newspaper: “The accusation of me cheating on Erica is 100 percent false and clearly coming from someone who has a malicious agenda to try and ruin our relationship.”

The dating experts will be shocked by the news.

He added: “The picture in question was from a night out with the boys, we all have photos with the girls who were with us, and a completely harmless and innocent photo has been twisted to a place that could be very damaging and upsetting to my relationship.

"I don't condone cheating which you can see from my strong opinions and actions with certain situations on the show," he went on.

"I would certainly never cheat on Erica and jeopardise my relationship."

He also said in a separate interview with The Mirror that Luke is 'desperately trying to ruin his relationship'.

Jordan married Erica in the show.

He said: "This false accusation is coming from a man who is desperately trying to ruin my relationship because he wrongly feels like I ruined his. Luke has breached his contract for everyone to see and will be fined £10,000 for revealing a spoiler.

"Anyone who knows the situation knows what he is saying is not correct but he is this bothered about me that he’s just cost himself £10,000 to try and ruin my relationship with a false accusation.

"He wasn’t even there on this night he is commenting on. So anyone with sense would see this is just a desperate attempt coming from a place with no true intentions, just bad and desperate intentions."

We'll have to tune in tonight to see how the drama unfolds!

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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