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Mum who went back to work five days after giving birth says c-sections are a cop out

Mum who went back to work five days after giving birth says c-sections are a cop out

Mum-of-two Jaelyn Cox has also branded mothers who take full maternity leave as 'lazy'

A mum who hit the headlines earlier this year when she returned to work just five days after giving birth has this week slammed c-sections as 'cop outs'.

Exotic dancer Jaelyn Cox, 30, welcomed her second daughter in January last year after months of initial worrying that her pregnancy would affect her hefty earnings.

After she began to show her blossoming bump, however, she found that men seemed to appreciate her body more and she made more money than ever when she told customers that she was having a baby.

Following the birth of her beautiful baby girl, Jaelyn opted to wrap up her maternity leave sooner than expected, and returned to work at Glasgow's Seventh Heaven club - where she claims to earn over £800 a night - within less than a week.

"I was back on the hustle five days after giving birth," she told press at the time, revealing that her boyfriend wasn't happy with the decision.

"He was raging, telling me I need time to rest. But my boyfriend's been doing most of the night feeds.

The mum of two kept working as a dancer right up until her due date.
Facebook/Jaelyn Cox

"So I can make the money during the night and he does the babysitting."

And now, a year after welcoming her second daughter, Jaelyn has fired shots at mothers who take full maternity leave, branding them as 'lazy'.

On top of this controversial take, she believes natural births should be the only option - provided that the mother and baby are both healthy - as it means a faster return to work.

"I think getting a c-section is the easy way out," she told The Sun this week. "If you’re in labour and you can push, you should.

Jaelyn went back to work just days after giving birth.
Facebook/Jaelyn Cox

"They shouldn’t give people the option to get a c-section unless it’s an emergency.”

Previously discussing maternity leave, Jaelyn said: "I think those people are just lazy and looking for an excuse.

"It’s important to not let being a mum take over your life. Every kid needs a happy mum and having a break from your kids is good thing."

She went on: "I think it’s important to get back to your old life and back into a work routine.

"Sitting about the house and letting ‘being a mum’ take over your life is only going to make you depressed.

"I think getting to the gym the second week and dieting is a must after you give birth."

Jaelyn has slammed c-section births and mothers who take full maternity leave.
Facebook/Jaelyn Cox

Jaelyn also believes its good 'for your relationship' to focus on your looks after giving birth.

"A lot of woman let themselves go after giving birth and put weight on.

"Then their partner ends up cheating on them because they’re not the same person they were before giving birth.”

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Jaelyn Cox

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