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Furious woman complains husband always ignores her calls while he's at work drinks

Furious woman complains husband always ignores her calls while he's at work drinks

People are divided on the matter

A woman has divided opinion after complaining that her husband 'disappears off the face of the earth' when he goes out for work drinks.

Many of us will have experienced this from both ends - you're out with your colleagues for an organised event, and the last thing you're thinking about is checking your phone.

However, on the other side of the fence, some people might grow frustrated when their partner blanks them for hours on end, especially if they're out drinking.

An Aussie woman who falls into the latter camp took to an online forum to vent her frustrations, asking whether she's 'overreacting' when she gets 'furious' after her husband goes out for work events, dinners or drinks with no contact.

"This happens say once every four-six weeks and I'm just at my wit's end," she wrote.

"He always has an excuse - reception was bad, I was too busy talking to the team, I didn't see/hear the call/message."

She explained that her partner, who works in management, once didn't look at or reply to any of her texts and calls while taking his team out for five hours, something that left her feeling 'so annoyed'.

"Other than these events he is generally an attentive father and husband and does his best to spend time with the family," she continued.

The Aussie mum said her husband is generally a good father and husband.

"But this really puts me off and it starts making me lose trust in him, especially because we're not as frequently intimate as before - too many kids, tiring jobs and just life gets in the way."

The mum finished by saying: "I don't want to feel this way every time he goes out. And I don't try to stop him from going.

"All I ask is that he lets me know roughly when he'll be back, and not disappear... is that too much to ask?"

And you can bet the online community were on hand to offer some advice, although the predicament has left people divided.

One person suggested her husband should be given a break as he's probably just 'letting off steam', adding: "If those events were taken away, would he be as good a father?"

Another said the OP is perhaps 'overthinking' it and that 'if there is zero trust, there is zero relationship', while a third suggested to seek couple's therapy.

Some suggested that the husband wasn't in the wrong.

But not everyone disagreed with the woman's stance, including this person who said: "Five hours is a long time to not quickly glance at your phone, especially given that he has a young family.

"What happens in the case of an emergency? I think it's important to be contactable."

While another said to 'ask him why he is non-contactable', saying: "In this day and age phones are lifelines and don't accept the excuses of not hearing our out of reception. Most people check their phones regularly when they are out."

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