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Mind-Blowing Video Shows How Bars Are 'Scamming' Customers With Cocktails

Mind-Blowing Video Shows How Bars Are 'Scamming' Customers With Cocktails

Might think twice before ordering espresso martinis tonight.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

This gorgeous warm summer weather means only one thing - going for cocktails (and preferably on a rooftop bar).

But before we start making plans to meet pals for some apres work drinks, we have a somewhat shocking video that suggests we're being overcharged when we order cocktails.

In a clip posted to TikTok by Grace Bowker, the 19-year-old seems to prove we're being short-changed when we're drinking in pubs and restaurants, after managing to pour two Pornstars Martinis into a single glass at a restaurant in Liverpool.

Watch the video here.

The Manchester-based model decided to test out her theory with her professional boxer boyfriend Alex Murphy after her dad told her that you could fit any two martini-glass served cocktails at a bar into just one martini glass.

Grace, who posts under the handle @gracebowkerr, said: "So apparently if you have a martini glass like this, you can pour another full martini into the gap".

In the next clip, 19-year-old Alex is left stunned as he effortlessly pours his entire Pornstar Martini into Grace's Pornstar Martini.

Alex out his girlfriend's theory to the test (

The video, posted on Sunday 6th June, has already racked up more than one million views and garnered 130,000 likes, with many in the comments left fuming that restaurants are "overcharging" for drinks.

"How am I going to be able order a cocktail again knowing that?" raged one viewer, while a second vented: "We've been scammed by bars all this time!"

A third exclaimed: "I'm giving the barman a right telling off next time we go down the pub," and another fumed: "You're literally paying full price for a half drink, con artists!"

Alex was left amazed Grace was proven right (
Newsdog/TikTok - gracebowkerr)

However, before we ditch our drinks entirely, other users pointed out that you're not really supposed to fill a martini glass right to the brim - much like how you don't feel wine glasses to the top.

"This isn't a scam, it's literally just a shape of the glass," one person wrote in the replies.

Another TikTokker, who claims to work as a bartender, added: "As a bartender, this is to make sure we don't spill it everywhere. You get the EXACT amount of alcohol you pay for."

A third said: "The price you pay is for the volume of alcohol, so it doesn't matter it fits into another glass."

Hmm...the jury's out on this one.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/gracebowkerr

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