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Man has hilarious reaction as his wife is giving birth

Man has hilarious reaction as his wife is giving birth

Somebody get this man a glass of water.

A new dad went viral on TikTok after watching his wife give birth to their child made him a little weak in the knees.

After setting up a camera to record his daughter's birth, Kaden Baudistel fell unexpectedly faint when it came time to help his wife Danielle Foord through the painful delivery.

Watch his hilarious reaction here:

After welcoming their daughter, Danielle shared the hysterical moment to TikTok, writing: "Not my husband gagging as I'm pushing out our daughter... then sits down at the end as if he needs a break."

In the clip, Kaden offers one hand for his wife to hold, and using the other to hoist up her leg as she pushes out the baby.

At first, the dad-to-be puts on a brave face, but it isn't long before he has to turn away from the hospital bed to gag.

Trying his best to hold it together, Kaden can be seen cheering Danielle on from the sidelines while turning white as a ghost.

People couldn't get enough of the hilarious video, which racked up an impressive 4.3 million likes and 44.3 million views on TikTok.

Sympathising with the faint-hearted father, one viewer commented: "Poor guy. looks like he was trying his best not to faint at the end. Some people don't do well around blood."

A second added: "Not everyone can handle a moment like this but he made it."

And a third joked: "At least he can honestly say "we gave birth.'"

This new dad had a hilarious reaction to his daughter's birth.

Others were busy trying to get to the bottom of what might have caused Kaden's uncontrollable gagging, suggesting that there might have been a smell.

One mum suggested: "My husband said when I gave birth to my daughter it’s the worst smell he’s ever smelt. So I understand why he’s like this."

Another wrote: "I never smelled with mine. But I held my friends leg while I was pregnant and it was a smell I could never forget or explain."

Meanwhile, another viewer suggested: "As a person who almost fainted while watching a birth, not everyone can handle the organic smell or seeing their loved one in pain."

People were in stitches over the video.

But most were eager to let Danielle know that she had found a keeper in her husband and the father of her child.

"Omg he is trying so hard to stay with you! He's a keeper and gave it his all! Gold medal!!" commented an impressed TikToker.

"When his eyes crossed I LOST it" wrote another. "He’s a keeper for sure! Tried so so hard to still be supportive and not let you see him DYING."

And a third added: "The fact that he is still fighting to hold your hand and support you is so sweet. That’s a real man."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@danielle.foord

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