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Mum divides opinion after filling three trolleys with Christmas presents for four-year-old daughter

Mum divides opinion after filling three trolleys with Christmas presents for four-year-old daughter

The mum appears to have spent hundreds on the gifts

A mum from Australia has sparked mixed reactions after sharing pictures of three shopping trolleys packed to the brim with presents for her four-year-old daughter.

Most children have lengthy Christmas lists detailing everything they hope to find under the tree on 25 December, but whether they actually get everything on the list is a different story.

But this particular four-year-old, from Queensland, certainly won't be left wanting after her mum revealed all the presents she's got for her, which were enough to fill three deep shopping trolleys.

Casey said these weren't the only gifts her daughter was getting for Christmas.

The gifts included a mini trampoline, a Pokémon 'volcano playset', a Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Ultimate Ice Cream Truck set, a Barbie piano set, a Polly Pocket Pyjama Party Sleepover Adventure House playset, and a big stuffed toy - to name just a few.

The mum, Casey, had purchased her daughter's Christmas gifts from the Big W discount store in Australia, but explained that those weren't the only ones she'd be unwrapping on Christmas morning.

"Got little miss four's lay-by out, so excited to put them with the rest of the presents I have already got her," Casey wrote.

Casey's tree will be flooded with presents.

While I'm sure the four-year-old will be delighted to see so many gifts under the tree, Casey received some backlash for her post by Facebook users who claimed she was 'spoiling' her daughter.

One person wrote: "No child needs this let alone more than this it's a lil overwhelming for a child [get] life experiences or a holiday or get ahead on some bills a child has all it needs already."

Another commented: 'If she was my niece or granddaughter she would be getting squat from me if I knew this is what they were getting."

The presents filled three deep shopping trolleys.

Other Facebook users urged Casey to share her generosity with others, with one writing: "I was just wondering if you do pay It forwards of older toys from last year? I'm only asking as it would be great to set up a pay it forward for those who are in need this Christmas."

Casey explained she gives her daughter's toys away if she stops showing interest in them, and makes her 'pick some toys out of the store before Christmas and give them to others who have nothing'.

The mum didn't reveal how much she'd spent on her daughter this year, but claimed she spent $1,500 AUD (£845) last year.

Featured Image Credit: BIG W MUMS AUSTRALIA/Facebook

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