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Mum defends spending £700 on Christmas presents for her three-year-old daughter

Mum defends spending £700 on Christmas presents for her three-year-old daughter

She started her shopping in June.

An Aussie mum defended spending £780 on Christmas presents for her three-year-old daughter, saying the youngster ‘needs to be spoilt’ on the special day.

Mum A'leasha, from Queensland in Australia, started her shopping six months before Christmas and would regularly buy gifts if anything interesting caught her eye.

However, as she wasn’t really keeping track of what she bought the pile soon built up and before she knew it she’d spent around AU $14,000 on her three-year-old daughter.

The mum, who bought the impressive haul for Christmas 2020, said she focused on buying for her daughter as her son was just six-months old at the time and wasn’t aware of Christmas

Speaking to Kidspot, she said: “So I was a little surprised to realise I’d spent around $1,400 on my daughter’s Christmas presents - but we were planning on buying the bigger items anyway, and I know that she will love it.

“Given her issues with adjusting with having a new baby in the house, and the less attention she is getting, we feel as though she needs to be spoilt and have more focus on her this Christmas.”

The impressive haul.

And the pile of presents likely ended up costing A’leasha even more than the hundreds of dollars she’d already forked out, as she went on to say that she’d happily spend more if she saw another good present, explaining that she ‘doesn’t put a budget on Christmas’.

Do you want to adopt me, A’leasha?

A’leasha explained that she spent a lot less on her six-month old as he would be too young to understand the significance of the day anyway, but as he grows up she’ll split spending more evenly.

Although it may seem like a lot for just one day, the mum stressed that she would never get herself or her family in debt for Christmas.

“We always pay for everything upfront though. We never use credit cards or AfterPay options,” she added.

The mum says she never gets into debt over Christmas.

“We always have money available. We spread out the cost throughout the year and buy when we see things cheap/on sale rather than having a big hit at Christmas.”

And to those who may criticise her for spending so much, she said: “If you can do it within your means, then I don’t see an issue with any amount.

“But people shouldn’t have to go into debt over this one day of the year.

“As long as you are able to afford what you are buying, sure, go ahead!

“Just don’t brag to others how much you have spent or bought who cannot afford as much as you.”

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