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There's a 'hidden' feature in a microwave that many people don't realise needs cleaning

There's a 'hidden' feature in a microwave that many people don't realise needs cleaning

It turns out that the majority of us didn't have a clue this 'hidden' feature even existed!

It turns out that after all this time, we've not been cleaning our microwaves properly.

Yep, I'm just as fuming as much as you are.

Of course, it goes without saying that pretty much the majority of households are equipped with the handy cooking appliance, and many of us can put our hands up and admit we don't know what we'd do without them.

But just like ovens, microwaves can get dirty pretty quickly, and it turns out they need more than just a quick wipe down with some Flash and a piece of kitchen roll.

As pointed out by nifty cleaning maestro, Cleaning Motivation on Instagram, there's an essential 'feature' of microwaves that needs cleaning pretty regularly... and most of us didn't even know it existed.

In a short clip posted to her 38.4K followers, the cleaning pro wrote: "Did you know that you’re supposed to clean the vents under your microwave?"

Obviously, the vast majority of us certainly did not.

The video then shows the woman remove two pretty grimey-looking vents from her microwave with a knife before popping them in the sink for some good old-fashioned scrubbing.

The Instagrammer pointed out a 'hidden' feature in microwaves that needs cleaning quite often.

She then blasted the vents with some cleaning spray and hot water before scrubbing the life out of them with a scouring brush and soon enough, the vents looked as good as new.

Before popping them back in the microwave, the cleaning enthusiast simply rinsed and dried them off - making sure no excess soap was left over.

Quite understandably, the internet was floored by the revelation and many took the comments to share both their shock and admiration.

"So peeved . just finding this out . immediately cleaned mine after seeing this . thank you," one wrote, while another simply added: "Stop finding extra s**t for us to clean."

And someone else said: "Immediately cleaned mine after seeing this."

Will you be giving this hack a go next time you give cleaning the microwave a go?
Maksim Kostenko / Alamy Stock Photo

In other cleaning hack news, people have been overjoyed lately with Aldi's very own mould spray that works 'incredibly well'.

After seeing tip-offs within the group about a spray from Aldi, one Sydney-based mum decided to give it a go and was thrilled to see it worked better than she could have ever expected.

She wrote in the Mums Who Clean Facebook group: “This is to thank all those lovely people who responded to my post 4 days ago. I tried Aldi Mould Away and it worked!!!!

"Sprayed around the kitchen sink after finishing work in the kitchen and covered with paper towels and left it overnight and repeated this [for] 3 days. Thank you so much for all the suggestions!!!”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@cleaningvideos303

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