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Man praised after refusing to move when he blocked family's view at Disney World

Man praised after refusing to move when he blocked family's view at Disney World

The man had waited for two hours to see the fireworks

A man has been met with support from the internet after explaining why he refused to move for a family with children while watching a fireworks display at Disney World.

With Disney World being the place of wonder and magic that it is (for the most part, anyway), it's natural for visitors to want to try and soak up every single experience the theme park offers while visiting.

One couple from Britain had the pleasure of taking that magical feeling to a new level by getting engaged at the Florida park, after which they went to watch a fireworks display at Magic Kingdom.

It was the woman's first time at the park, but after visiting as a child the man knew that they 'needed to get to the front of the castle EARLY'.

In a post on Reddit, he explained that his now-wife is only 4’11", so they got there nearly two hours early to ensure they had a good view. Unfortunately, however, not all of the visitors had the same forethought.

The man explained that just five minutes before the show began, a family with children 'started shoving through' the crowd behind them.

The couple waited for two hours to see the fireworks.
Vlad Ghiea / Alamy Stock Photo

He claimed to have heard a mutter of 'assholes' coming from the dad in the family, who then commented: “Maybe you folks could let the kids enjoy the show? They can’t see the castle from behind all of these adults.”

In his Reddit post, the man explained that he would have let the family go in front of him 'under ordinary circumstances', but explained that they were already right at the very front of the crowd area, and that with the exception of one young child, the family were 'all far taller than [his] wife'.

"We had been waiting for nearly 2 hours. They arrived minutes ago. My wife had never been able to do anything like this growing up. It may seem silly but this was massive for her. I wasn’t about to let it get ruined," he explained.

When the show began the man claimed the little girl started telling her dad she couldn't see, so he made a gap to let her come through. However, the dad 'barged through with her', forcing himself over the line and ultimately getting sent back by a cast member.

The man claimed the family were taller than his partner.
UPI / Alamy Stock Photo

"This only angered him further. His kid started crying," the man wrote. The dad then allegedly claimed that the couple were 'the reason she was upset'.

After asking Redditors whether he was 'the a**hole' in the situation, the man was met with support from Reddit users who pointed out it's 'common knowledge that if you want a good spot for fireworks, you get your spot early', and claiming the dad 'should have known better'.

I think the moral of the story is, if you want a good view, make sure you give yourself enough time to get it.

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